Wednesday, May 6, 2009

New Shanghai Chinese Restaurant, Ashfield

New Shanghai Chinese Restaurant
273 Liverpool Rd

Want Shangnainese food? Look no further than Ashfield. Take a stroll down Liverpool rd and rather than having trouble finiding a restaurant that serves Shanghainese food, you will find yourself struggling to decide on which Shanghainese restaurant you should enter. Whilst the dumplings are no way as good as the ones you can get at Din Tai Fung, they are decent for the price you pay. 

Won Ton Soup

Xiao Long Bao

Whilst the xiao long bao here are okay, I have actually had frozen ones that were better than this. Hehehe this is really saying something, but for under $10 you really can't expect that much. 

Shallot Pancakes

I find that most places will usually get their shallot pancakes right and the same goes for New Shanghai Chinese. Hot, crispy, oily, shallot-y mmmmmmmmmmm. This was defintely the highlight of the meal. 

"knife-cut noodles"

I'm not sure of the exact English name of this dish but it's literal translation would be "knife-cut noodles" although they don't look like much these were pretty good, my second favourite of the night. 

Sorry, but I'm not sure of the English name of this dish either. I'd translate it as glutinous balls in sweet rice wine soup.  I've always wanted to try this and coming at a mere $4 there was no excuse for me not to! I really likes the smell of the rice wine however I didn't really like the composition of tastes in general. I sort of think it was due to my immature taste buds, I'm not really used to any alcohol at all but I can see why this would be more popular with adults. 

There was only the two of us so we really struggled to finish all that food. In the end we left the glutinous balls unfinished, not as big of a waste considering it was pretty cheap. MORAL OF THIS MEAL: Don't order more than you can eat just beacause it's cheap!  

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