Saturday, November 8, 2008

Din Tai Fung, World Square

So I'm sure by now everyone has been here atleast once, and has had the xiao long bao (above). You can't deny that their xiao long baos are pretty good, even though quite expensive...

Friend chicken chop noodles 

Mum ordered the fried chicken chop noodles, I'm not sure what they called this in english so I'm purely making this up LOL 

tehehhehe i stole a bit to try, it was very good! The noodles were elastic-y, not soft and gluely like the ones you get at some cheaper places, and the chicken was crunch on the outside and very tender and soft on the inside ^^

I got the braised beef noodles but my gosh! The waitresses kept standing RIGHT NEXT TO OUR TABLE and they wouldn't stop looking at me when i tried to take pics so i ended up with an overexposed pic that looked nothing like yummy food so i wont bother uploading it here. The beef was really soft but there were only three chunks of meat, would have been better if there was more meat! 

The food at Din Tai Fung is pretty good, but it's quite expensive compared to all the other Taiwanese restaurants. 

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