Monday, May 11, 2009

Din Tai Fung, World Square

Din Tai Fung
Shop 11.04, World Square Shopping Centre
644 George St, Sydney NSW 2000
Ph (02) 9264 6010
bookings are only taken for groups of 10 or more people 

After a long and tiring day of uni, there's nothing better than a warm meal, good company and not having to worry about actually cooking the meal or having to wash the dishes. I was pleasantly surprised, getting a call from my mum asking if I wanted to go out for dinner tonight at Din Tai Fung. There was that enliven your senses - buy one get one free dumplings - deal so of course I said yes. 

By the time we got there my mum, ever so considerate had ordered a few things so that we could dig straight in once we got there! 

Steamed pork dumplings (xiao long bao) 

The xiao long bao was the first to come out. Din Tai Fing definitely makes the best you can get in Sydney although the differences in the price you need to pay is also pronounce. The crab meat xiao long bao are even more tasty however I would definitely stick to the pork ones if you're not the type to just have money lying around randomly. 

Individual Xiao Long Bao

Crab Meat Xiao Long Bao

Shrimp and Pork Shao Mai

The shao mai was pretty good too. I wasn't expecting this to have soup in it too so I tipped it upside down, intending to get the shrimp out. I was surprised when the shrimp fell out with a plop and immediately following it, all the soupy goodness! It was such a waste!! 

Individual Shao Mai 
Okay, and now for the noodles. Not only does Din Tai Fung make the best dumplings in Sydney, it also makes one mean bowl of noodles! They always come out al dente, snapping apart with every bite =] 

Noodles mixed in broad bean sauce (Zha jang mien)

Noodle soup with fried pork chop

Hot and Sour Soup 

Now don't forget the hot and sour soup! I'm not a big fan of bamboo shoots so this didn't sit that well with me. But I could tell that it was still good, not too hot nor too sour. But there was a lot of pepper and I felt like I was turning into a fire breathing dragon after just one taste. 

The six dishes came to a grand total of just under $60 after the buy one get one dumpling free deal, making it slightly more affordable than it usually is. I urge all you dumpling lovers out there to hurry up and take advantage of this deal before it ends on the 31st July, 2009.


organic girl said...

i thought the Shao Mai wasn't nice at all..the big clump of pastry on top was...clumpy XD...anyway u must try the taro dessert too!!!! let's go nxt time!

Leesa said...

is organic girl natalie? :P
this post makes me so hungry
and yeah the taro dessert looked really nice! when you go again tell me what it tastes like since i cannot have it :)

K said...

@ organic girl: yeah we saw the taro dessert on the menu but I'd already eaten SO MUCH that day! I was still sick from the cake when it was dinner time!

@ Leesa: yep! hahaha and will do!

Anonymous said...

yea i rmb goin when it was normal priced and it was very expensive - ashfield beats it nevertheless i would say

K said...

@ Jessus: Ashfield is definitely the better alternative if you're looking for value but Din Tai Fung undeniably has the best xiao long bao!!