Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Laurent, Bondi Junction

Kiosk K107 Westfield
Bondi Junction

Okay, so what organic girl and I really wanted was a nice blueberry bagel with cream cheese. But sadly the joint we wanted to go to had already closed down and since I'd been wanting to try Sydney's Laurent after the Melbourne one, we gave it a shot. The Bondi Junction one was no where near as classy and stylish as the one in Melbourne, it was one of those in the middle of no-where shopping centre cafes but there were seats a plenty and very spacious. 

We opted for one sweet and one savoury item to share between us. 

Roast Beef Foccacia - A quarter of a tomato & ollive foccacia filled with slices of roast beef and cos lettuce leaves 

I'm noticing that the description given on the site differs slightly from what we had - spinach instead of lectuce but what-the-heck it was still GREAT! It did take a while for it to be brought to our table but it was warm and cripsy, all the hearty smells wafting towards us *droool* 
Castel - Hazelnut meringue, hazelnut cream and nugatine

This had the soft-yet-crunchy-yet chewy texture of a macaroon although a bit too sweet for our liking. Despite this it was gone in a flash and we were soon left trying to fork up the smallest crumbs, wanting more food hehehe.

Laurent is a bit costly, charging around the same prices as you'd expect from Lindt or Guylian but the food does deliver, and the more causal atmosphere of the Bondi Junction joint definitely suits me more than the more stylish, uptight Melbourne one.


Simon said...

That doesn't look to bad for shopping centre food. Where is this located? Level 1 I presume?

K said...

@ Simon: yeah, level 1, it's smack, bam in the middle of no where, you can't miss it!