Monday, March 2, 2009

Laurent, Melbourne

We went to Laurent on our last day in Melbourne (hahaha my Melbourne posts aren't in Chronological order, they're in the order off how memorable they were =]). Laurent was definitely a great way to end our trip and although it was expensive (maybe not if you're used to the prices at Lindt, Guylian etc cafes) but I thought it was worth every dollar. As you can see the exterior is amazing - as expected of Melbourne (we went to the Laurent on Little Collins St) and it had an interior to match too! 

Their cake display was AMAZING! Way better than the Lindt, Guylian etc cake displays in Sydney (or maybe I'm being bias.. I can't tell) but unfortunately when I asked if I could take a pic of the cake display I was denied =[ =[ So I didn't get to take a pic of the cake display nor did I take one of the interior. But I did take a quick snap of our cakes because they were so lovely.

Millefeuille (french for 'thousand leaves' according to wiki)

The Millefeuille (a.k.a. vanilla slice, custard slice, napoleon etc) is one of my mum's fav cakes, not so much mines as it easy to get ones where the pastry is cardboard-like and not-very-fresh-tasting. This one was great though, as expected. The pastry was light and crispy and the custard wasn't the yucky excessively sweet plastic type things. Yep, the more you pay, the better the quality.

Christine (brownie biscuit, valrhona milk, chocolate mousse, cream)

I had the Christine (also available as a whole cake in various sizes) which is their signature cake. This reminded me of Guylian's 100% Pure Pleasure in both taste and texture. The top part of the Christine was actually soft, not hard despite its looks which was the same for the 100% Pure Pleasure and it too also had a varying layer of choc thing going too. It was really sweet, maybe more so for me as we'd eaten a lot before this...but I still finished everything and tried to scrape every last bit of choc of the plate!

We also shared an earl grey tea (which I didn't take a pic of), it was served in very pretty black china and was one of the most fragrant earl greys I've tried. The serving was pretty big too so we were lucky to have shared it. We left very satisfied and headed towards union lane for one last look at Melbourne's famous grafitti.

Oh yeah, I forgot to mention that Laurent is actually available in Sydney too! There's one at the Bondi Junction Westfield (not that I've noticed it around) and one at Manly. I'll be sure to try and find the Bondi Junction one when uni starts hehehe


Anonymous said...

if only i were not lactose intolerant
gobble gobble gobble gobble!

x lisa

Anonymous said...

OOOHhhh I should hit up the one in Manly! I want to see this cake display now haha since their cakes do look quite lovely mmm

K said...

@ lisa: don't worry man! the next time we actually get a break and we're all un-stressed about uni we can make lactose free goodies =]

@FFichiban: yes, please do! and i hope you have a great time there =]

Bean Sprout's Cafe said...

oh, I took lots of photo from their display and they said nothing... but that was last year.

K said...

@ Bean Sprout's Cafe: you are so lucky! I wish I was allowed to take a pic of the cake display =[ =[