Wednesday, May 6, 2009


GOOD GRIEF I've had sooo much food lately I dunno where to start. I think I'll just start from some of the more recent things and work backwards. I actually made a list of all the places/things I need to blog about and WOW there's stuff dating back to when I was in Melbourne which was Feb! LOL

So anyway organic girl and I were really craving bagels on day and so we went to Bondi Junction, planning to try out the Great Bagel and Coffe Co. but IT WASN'T THERE!! Hahaha we went crazy and made a REALLY HUGE DEAL out of it, involving calling someone with internet access up and googling all sorts of things for us - but to no avail =[

We ended up eating at Laurent but our bagel cravings weren't satisfied. So last night I stayed up until 1.30am making bagels! I used Nigella's receipe that NQN blogged about before and I was pleasantly surprised because bagel's don't have any lactose-y ingredients! =] So this is a great recipe for anyone lactose-intolerant!! 

I got to use the dough attachment of my electric mixer for the first time and boy was it coooooool! I've kneaded dough by hand before and boy does the dough attachment save time! There was quite a lot of the mixture though and at one point I heard a *crack* and I got really scared that the mixer broke! Haha, don't worry, rest assured it's still working fine! 

I didn't have much to work with though so I only made plain bagels.

This morning I sliced them in half and put them under the grill then slathered on the philly. I also put some homemade smoked salmon spread that organic girl gave me, along with it went a bit of lettuce and some smoked trout.  Smoked salmon was ideal except it's more expensive and I like smoked trout too so meh~

My bagels that now look more like burgers!

Hehehhee they were yummy, I had one for breakfast today and two for lunch! I also made some 'mini' bagels for my friends to try, they were so cute! =]  

bagel fillings

So my homemade bagels tempered our cravings for bagels slightly... but don't worry, the receipe makes 15 bagels so I've got plenty more for my breakfast and lunch tomorrow! We're gonna do Yala spreads tomorrow *woooot*

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