Thursday, April 23, 2009

Corelli's Cafe; Dolce & Gelato, Newtown

Okay, so I've JUST finished this craaaazy nine page psych report so I thought I'd reward myself with a bit of time on the net. What's the FIRST THING that comes to mind? TWO-KG! hahaha 

I just got the pics from hawflakegirl and me's joint birthday party at Newtown (Poor English much?) So of course I immediately think of sharing them here =]

We had dinner at Corelli's Cafe (352 King st). I think this place would have been a cool place to just have a good hearty meal, relax and unwind, but it wasn't the best place to have a birthday party. (Sorry to everyone who had to put up with our noise!) But all in all it was a grat night! =] I can't remember the exact names of all the dishes but I do remember what they were =]

Chicken Parmigiana 

Fish...hahaha i only say *fish* because due to current dietary constraints, machoboy couldn't have dressing or anything, just *fish*

Sirloin steak

Jamaican chicken salad

Pumpkin, spinach and feta tart

This was mines, I actually ordered a tomato tart but they told me when the food came out that they didn't do tomato tarts anymore and that it tasted crap anyway...meh~ i didn't want to make a fuss and this wasn't bad either so it was cool.

Grilled Haloumi salad

Chicken burger

Me swamped in wrapping stuffs.

The guys at Corelli's tolerated us for quite some time...hehehe and thanks for letting us cut our own cake and providing us with plates and cutlery =]

Then we moved on to Dolce & Gelato (318 King st) *woooot*
The nice people there found out it was my birthday because they saw my birthday badge so they gave me a corinthian wafer *yay* doesn't it resemble a cupcake with candles!?! =] I had kiwi and apple flavoured sorbet, don't you just love the green colour?

Okay, started from me (the one with the $10 note) and going clockwise: kiwi and apple, somethingberry, bueno, something i've forgotten, something and macadamia and last but not least peanut butter! Hehehe you can see people holding their spoons in this pic!!

I tried everything except for the peanut butter one (I'm allergic to peanuts!) and they all tasted great! The peanut butter one had the best raves though so go try it if you're not allergic! LOL 

Gelato section....

Sorbet section.....

They actually asked that someone be in the pic if we wanted to take a pic of the gelato display. We've cropped ourselves out so as to not ruin your wonderful enjoyment of the icecream. The people were really nice there and there's a great selection of flavours including chocolate sorbet for the lactose intolerany!


cynthia said...

I tried the bueno one before, ithought it was just okay, not as nice and indulging asi thought it would be haha

FFichiban said...

Oohh the dishes look pretty good but the fish does look a bit dry with no sauce :S And the staff should have asked you what you wanted instead of bringing you another tart wtg!! but yay gor wafer :) Hee hee and great "money" shot of all the gelatos -___- (that was lame...)

kelly said...

Happy belated birthday senpai~~
U guys look like u know where all the good resturants are =DD
Maybe we can go sometime together in the holidays ^^

K said...

@Cynthia: LOL for us there were too many flavours to try so I couldnt really tell what was what, but they all seemed nice =]

@FFichiban: hehehe yeah the food was pretty good except that everyone had the same salad! haha

@kelly: thanks thanks =]