Sunday, December 7, 2008

Rengaya, North Sydney

73 Miller St
North Sydney 2060
Tel: 9929 6169

After telling my mum about  our Suminoya visit she's always been nudging me to take her there. But since I just went there not long ago and I've been saying I wanted to try Rengaya since yr11 i took my mum to Rengaya instead ( my shout). We went on Saturday and it was a really bad day to go coz THERE WERE NO TRAINS TO NORTH SYDNEY!!! We had to train it to Wynyard then bus it to North Sydney andd during the bus ride i banged my knee against the chairs and now I've got this massive bruise 3cm in diameter (yes i measured it)....but anyways back to Rengaya LOL

My mum and I were like "wooooooooow" when we wealked in. The decor was really nice and they had a really nice ambience going. The place was pretty high class (from a uni student's perspective) but there wasn't that restrained atmosphere you get with some palces. We felt really comfortable and at ease there and the staff were really friendly and helpful ^^

Pic of wall paintings 

Armour display~

Chili cod roe and potato salad $9.90

This was really nice but I'm not sure where the cod roe was...I'm assuming it was mixed in with the potato. It wasn't chili at all but I sitll liked it. Even my mum who HAAAAAAAATES salads thought this was nice hehhehe

Wagyu Short Rib (premium) $39.80

Premium Prok Neck $13.90 

Chicken $9.80

Assorted BBQ vegetables $9.90

We wanted a balanced mixture of meat and veggies so we ordered 1 beef, 1 pork, 1 chicken and 1 veggie + salad. We considered ordering another Wagyu beef since we were here mainly for the Wagyu but the waitress was really nice and said that what we ordered already should be enough for two people. The meat dishes are served with your choice of either salt and pepper or BBQ sauce. 

The Wagyu beef was soooooo soft and soooooo tendy and sooooo oily LOL it was really nice and I'm glad we only ordered one plate coz it's really heavy and we would have gotten sick of it if we'd ordered two plates. Next time i think i'd llike to try one of the less marbled varieties to compare the difference. This one was all marble and no meat and I like my meat a bit more meaty hehehhe

After all that yakiniku-ing we were provided with a dessert menu which actually had a decent selection of desserts! I picked the Wa (or wafu...same thing~) Plate. It consisted of a greentea creme brulee (yummy!!), azuki shiruko (too sweet @.@) and some jelly like thing (i'm not too sure what it was but i liked ie =]) and also a small cup of tea.
Unlike Suminoya which uses charcoal grills, Rengaya used a gas grill so there was almost no smoke so we didn't leave smelling of cooked flesh ^^

Wa plate $17.90

Jelly thingy

Green tea creme brulee


The meal was very very yummy but also very very expensive. I don't think I'll be shouting my mum another meal any time soon LOL


Lorraine E said...

That Wagyu looks amazingly good. I
have always meant to go to Rengaya (I worked in N Syd for years) but never have. Oh and the trains stopping on the weekend is tres annoying I agree!

FFichiban said...

Waahhh hope your knees are ok :S and yay for Rengayyaaaa :D I shall be posting about it too but now I wish I had some of their desserts... am always too full of meaty goodness XD

K said...

@ Lorraine:
ooo you must go try Rengaya! I would go often if it wasn't so expensive.

I'll be looking forward to your post =] and yeah i understand why you'd be too full of meaty goodness hehehe it's just too yummy =]=]