Tuesday, December 9, 2008

banana muffins

hehehe yes i sometimes DO COOK! LOL not that i do it well =[
well on the weekends Leesa came over and we baked banana muffins =]
We got the recipe here and here. Since Leesa is lactose intolerant we used lactose free milk (can be found in the larger supermarkets) and cooking margarine instead of butter. 
Pre-baked muffins (small)
Pre-baked muffins (big)

We filled up the smaller muffin tins first and used the left overs to make the big muffins.

During the baking process

Hehehehhe we're still little kids so of course we crouched in front of the oven and waited for it to rise ^^ But OMG you can see me in the reflection T_T

finished product

I must say the we could have baked it for a bit longer..the colour wasn't very golden brown was it? Also there wasn't much banana flavour which I think was due to the fact that the bananas I had at home weren't that ripe... But I suppose after these misses I'll make better muffins next time ^^

We served our muffins with yoghurt (of course Leesa's yoghurt was  lactose-free) but you could serve it with almost anything you wanted.


Jamie said...

Omg it looks so good!!!! Maybe you should open up a market stall or something lol and sell these. Maybe even a stall which specialises in lactose-free food lol.

K said...

@ Jamie:
hahaha funny Jamie veeerrry funny. I think you;d be my only customer if I opened up a stall LOL nah....i think psyc suits me better than baking ^^ but THANKS FOR COMMENTING!

Leesa said...

noo! i typed a comment but it got deleted.
our muffins! :D
HAHAHAAHA @ the butter/margarine thing :P

but man. it would be my dream to see a lactose free food stall. sigh :)

K said...

@ Leesa:
you start one and i'll def buy from you hehehhe