Friday, December 5, 2008

Beard Papa, Chatswood

Beard Papa
K353A Chatswood Westfield
1 Anderson St
Chatswood 2067

Prompted by G's post where she mentioned she forgot to take pics of Beard Papa, I decided to post the pics I took earlier this year. The pics were taken inside the cinemas so sorry for the bad quality (sorry for ALWAYS taking crappy pics! ><)

Cream puffs are a type of Japanese sweets, known to some as Choux Cream. Beardd Papa is a world wide chain store specialising in cream puffs, currently with two stores in Sydney (Chatswood and Macquarie).

individual puff (vanilla)

innards shot

box of six

The puffs are warm and fresh and are crispy on the outside but very light. The cream is suggary heaven ^^ It's cool and smooth and you'll be sure to have a hard time keeping your fingers clean as more of it oozes out with every bite you take.


Anonymous said...

Beard Papa has also released a new cookie puff which would be similar to the Puffy one in ur 2nd pic.

I have yet to try it but :( I like the green tea one yummm ^^! and chocolate is not bad either... but then vanilla is also good cos you can see specks of real vanilla haha they all good XD

Did they also have the other flavours like strawberry and stuff? I haven't been in aggeeesss...

billy@atablefortwo said...

yuumm.... i missed Beard Papa. Used to buy them very often when I lived in Chatswood.

chocolatesuze said...

lol that first puff is from Puffy Cookie Puff... did you like that one better than Beard Papa's? I like how the outer layer is like a cookie but i prefer beard papas for the filling yumyum

K said...

hi guys! thanks for all the comments =] makes me really happy to know people are actually reading this hehehhehe and OMG im so silly the Puffy one was a mistake hehehhe

FFichiban: a new type of puff?!?!? i must go try it!! i'm not too sure what flavours they have now but it never seems like they have all the interesting flavours they say they have hehehhe

@ billy: yeah if only they opened another store in the city or somewhere closer then everyone would be happy =]=]

chocolatesuze: like i said BEARD PAPA ALL THE WAY! hehehhe one of the reasons i'm not big of a fan of puffy is coz of the strong smell. you can smell it from a mile away and it's strong enough to make me feel queasy....

Leesa said...

hey you were in chatswood!!! which is two suburbs away from me. you should come more often. hahahaha!

K said...

@ Leesa:
hhehehhe if i ever go chatswood or somewhere arnd you i'll give you a ring yeah? =]

Anonymous said...

AHHAHA I saw beard papa in hk today at mk station LOL! but I didn't buy cos I was going home for dinner =)

K said...

naaaaaw you should have bought and saved it for dessert!