Thursday, December 4, 2008

Suminoya, Sydney

1 Hosking PLace
Sydney NSW 2000
Tel: 9231 2177

Place setting

Place setting and menus

Yakiniku grill

YAY! Finally there's another *K.G* entry!!! hehehhee it's been aaages since K & G have seen each other and unfortunately this is the last time (this year) aswell coz G will be going to HK for a few months. This dinner was originally supposed to be a gathering of all our high school friends (there's about 13 of us) but sigh* now that we're all in uni everyone's busy with work, uni friends or they're just too pov to spend $50 on food. After long and worried discussions of what we were gonna do we (coz only 4/13 could go) were finally able to gather more poeple who were willing to go. Our finally party consisted of 11 people, only 4 of which were actually from the priginal party! Despite all this I (K) had a fun time =]=]=]

We must apologise for the lack of photos despite such a large meal (We had the premium buffest $49.00 pp). We were too busy eating and talking that we neglected our duty *blushes* So here's the limited food pics we remembered to take hehehhe

Beef toungue

Beef tongue grilling

The beef tongue was a bit overseasoned for my liking but it was still very nice and i think it was one of the most ordered dishes at our table. 

seaweed salad

Hhahahaha truth be told, I found all the salads similar tasting but it was great having some veggies to give us a break from all this meat!

From the top going clockwise: prawns, corn with butter, some form of beef, some form of beef, mushrooms and in the centre we got chicken

We went all out in our first ordering session but the portions were quite small so it wasn't long before we were waving a waiter over to clear the dirty dishes and bombarding him with another massive order. 

More food grilling


Hehehhehe i'm (K) not really a fan of raw meat. Nor am I a fan of raw egg. I didn't try this dish but everyone who tried it agreed it was quite good...maybe i'll give it a go next time aye? I DID try a slice of beef sashimi this time (sorry, we forgot to take a pic!) and it was quite nice despite the horrid perception I had of it LOL

The food eating cocming to a stop....

And now it's time for desserts! YAY! My most favourite meal!! We ordered over 30 servings of dessert and it took an AAAAAAGE for them to come out. Alot of our party (K especially) were very impatient and it was such a relief when our desserts came out safe and sound hehehehhe

coffee jelly

coffee jelly again

There were alot of poor opinions of the coofee jelly on our table and I got really scared to try it when it finally came out...I found it very bitter and probably more suited to a person with more mature tastebuds (hehhehe i'm still childish and don't drink coffee) In the end I finished it off by having it with two vanilla icecreams. 

My lemon sorbet, vanilla icecream and greentea icecream

The lemon sorbet got mixed responses, the most memorable being that it resembled melting icypoles, but I quite liked it although it melted a tad too quickly. In total I (K) had six servings of dessert alone causing severe brain and heart freeze epiosdes!

Suminoya is part of the I'S Holdings which includes Menya, Rengaya and Koh-ya. For more information please visit


FFichiban said...

Hee hee love suminoya but yeah prices are always getting on the increase. SO we order as much as we can rarrr!

Oh you really have to try Yukke its really really good! I normally get a few for myself when I go haha

cynnamon said...

cow's tongue??? =\

K said...

@ FFichiban:
hahahaha i'm definitely gonna try yukke next n=time since everyone seems to love it =]

@ cynnamon:
yeah! cow's tongue!! it's yummy!!

billy@ATFT said...

don't you find Suminoya like a Nazi smoke chamber? Once you are inside, you are "SMOKED"! Never go there with pretty clothes... problem is after coming out of the restaurant, you can't go anywhere without smelly oily except going home for another shower!

K said...

@ billy:
I totally agree! if only they didn't use those horrible charcoal grills...