Friday, December 5, 2008

Wagaya, Haymarket

Level 1
78 Harbour St
Haymarket 2000
(only open for dinner)

This modern establishment has quickly become one of the most popular and crowded restaurants in the city since opening earlier this year. Bookings are almost always needed to a get table here and for good reason. Take a look at their decor!

Their famous touch screen ordering system =]

Bad with pronouncing food names? NOT A PROB!
Bad with waiters? NOT A PROB!
Just plain shy? NOT A PROB!
hehehhehe you order everything yourself viz the touch screen panel and if in doubt you can call someone over via the touch screen system too!


Their menu is great too with coloured pics of the food on offer so you're sure to know what exactly it is you're ordering. Their menu also has little signs saying *popular* and *recommended* and is a great help for those who find it hard to dedcide. 

I've been to Wagaya a few times so here's a selection of the food pics taken. Most of these were from last Friday when our Japanese class had a reunion with our high school Japanese Teahcer. We stuffed ourselves silly coz we'd ordered so much and there was EVEN MORE FOOD coz some dishes were accidentally ordered twice ( the only bad thing about the touchscreen odering system). I can't remember all the names for all the dishes so I apologise for any mistakes.

Seafood hotpot for one

Another hotpot for one

The hotpot was really fun as you've got a mini gas stove which looks really cool! The hotpot ingredients were average but they were reasonable considering the price (i think it was in the low $10 range)

Wafu pizza

The wafu (Japanese style) pizza was very nice. The rice cakes were crispy on the outside and chewy on the inside and somehow went really well with the pizza base.

Potato salad


Assortment of sushi and sashimi (large size)

hehehhe this was really fresh and yummy but unfortunately the Loudpeaker and I struggled to finish it as it came out last and we'd already filled our tummies with other yummy food. We had a hard time trying to convince other members of our party to help us polish this off.

Raw prawns...

Even our Japanese teacher (who IS Japanese) was unsure about this. I tried this but ended up spitting it out (the small detached bit). It was sort of sweet but at the same time had a very fish odour and it just felt wrong in my mouth....


Rainbow roll

eel rice soupy thing

look at the steam!!

Mentaiko spaghetti

This is one of the recommended/popular dishes and I too, vouch for this dish! The sauce is very nice but I would have liked the dish to be a bit warmer. 

I have yet to try the sushi roulette (there's a plate of salmon sushi where under one of them there is a enough wasabi to make the toughest bloke's eyes water) but be sure that I will be back sometime to try it. 


Lisa said...

Yay! I love Wagaya. The food is really really good and it's really affordable too.
By the way, that is SO cute how you have those reunions with your classes and their teachers. I can NOT see that ever happening with us!

K said...

@ Lisa: yeah it's quite affordable considering the really good d├ęcor and yummy food. Haahhahaha i actually felt a bit sorry for our teacher coz we shouted her dinner so she was persistent about shouting us drinks. We get to the bar and its super scary loud so she just left us with $50 and left....we were all shocked!

Christie @ fig & cherry said...

Wow, Amazing! I didn't even know that was hidden down there in Haymarket. I know where I'm lunching this weekend ;)

Thanks for all the pics - making me drool!

K said...

@ Christie:
yeah it's really nice but sadly it's only open for dinner