Friday, November 21, 2008

Ichi-Ban Boshi, The Galeries Victoria

Ichi-Ban Boshi
Level 2, The Galeries Victoria
500 George St
Sydney NSW 2000
Ph: (02) 9262 7677

The fun of Hentai boy's bday outing didn't end with lunch, we sang ourselves hoarse at karaoke before deciding it was time for dinner. We initially intended to go to Wagaya (will post about it soon) but sadly it was too full so we ended up going to Ichi-Ban Boshi. Located opposite Kinokuniya, it is also very popular with long lines almost at every time of the day. We'd spent our queue-ing time inside Kinokuniya and by the time we bothered to re-emerge from the jungle of books they'd already called our number and we'd missed our table! Hungry and grumpy we had no choice but to wait for the next table and by the time we were seated it was already 9pm. We were all ravenous and it didn't take long for everyone to decide on a dish. 

Anime boy ordered a Kirin Beer and everyone pronounced it *one of the best tasting beers they'd had* (K did not try this as K is not a beer drinker!).

Beef Tataki $8.00

The two macho-men - Hentai Boy and his friend had the beef tataki while the weaker stomached of us wondered why on earth someone would want to eat raw meat...I'm sure plenty of people enjoy Beef Tataki but for me, I just can't understand why people would want to pay so much to eat raw beef. Maybe if I tried it I'd get converted...but I'm chicken just thinking about chewing on raw meat!

Tokyo Ramen $9.30

Tofu Ramen $10.90

Tanuki Udon $8.80

Salmon Don $12.00

Yakisoba Omelette $13.00

I prefer my food not too salty so I don't usually go to Ichi-Ban Boshi, finding their ramen way too salty. But whether it be because I was too hungry or that they have actually reduced the saltyness of their soup base, I didn't find their ramen too salty that day ^^ The portions are really big and Ichi-Ban Boshi so you'll be sure to get your money's worth of food. 


FFichiban said...

Ahh Havent't been Ichiban boshi in agggesss but I personally think their portions have gotten smaller... well I usually get the karaage cheese so ramen might still be the same. I am also very disappointed that there is no more cheese ramen is that correct?

K said...

@ FFichiban: yes! they don't the cheese ramen anymore! it's a pity coz the combination of cheese x ramen was so weird yet so delish!!

Leesa said...

omg your code names are hilarious
btw why do you use code names and initials instead of names? :P
Yes that beer was really really really good. I don't usually drink beer unless it's free but I would actually pay to have that again.
that was a really expensive day- I spent about $50. GRRRRR!

And I think the portions have gotten smaller too. They used to be MAAASSSIVE. Oh well, I still really like it! :)

K said...

@ Leesa: LOL well some people might not like their real name used, you never know plus code names are so fun! you still need to post something up!!!! I'm waiting patiently........LOL

Anonymous said...

Thank you :-) look at this emo boy style over this blog: