Friday, November 21, 2008

Friday Night Markets, Chinatown

After singing myself hoarse and into poverty I felt like I couldn't afford to pay for a nice proper meal. The Princess and I opted for whatever food we could find at the Friday Night Markets (1) beacuse we're poor uni students! (2) because we hadn't been to the friday night markets for years (yes, it's sad but true) (3) because i reaaally wanted fishballs!

fishballs, meat skewers etc stand

fishballs & tofu stick ($3 each) 

N.B. I found the *tofu stick* was actually tofu fish!!! MAJOR DIFFERENCE!! WHat of all the veggos out there!??!?

Colotako stall

Colotako is my favourite snack place EVER! I think there was one stage in my high school days where I wanted a colotako tee LOL!

Samurai (8 octopus & crab balls) $9.00

Sharkfin soup $4.00

This was waaay too peppery and you could really taste the poor quality but hey, it's from a foodstall so you can't really expect too much!

Our dinner!

Houtou Pancake (greentea flavour) $2.00

Being the greedy pig I am we had to go back and get me something sweet! hehehhe i settled for Hontou pancakes although there were also the usual chinese desserts e.g. red bean/green bean soups

innards shot

hehehhe look at the lovely green goo!

It was a fun night and we've already planned when we'll next go to the Friday Night Markets at Chinatown!!


billy@ATFT said...

you are quite gutsy to try sharkfin soup from a food stall... And you do know some people put heavy pepper to cover up the no-so-fresh taste, right? I hope you feeling better next morning.

K said...

@ billy: LOL yeah i must agree that sharkfin soup from a food stall wasn't the best idea hehehe my wise mummy always warned me against it but being in the *teen rebel* stage of course i went and tried some!

cynthia said...

oh the greentea hontou pancake looks so good! Where can u get it in sydney besides the friday night markets?

K said...

@ cynthia: they used to have a little shop in chinatown but that's closed. They might still have a stall in chatswood but i'm not too sure...

cynthia said...

lol i went to chatswood today and the guy selling the colotakos was the same guy i saw today.
haha i guess the same people hold these stalls

cynthia said...

guy in ur pic*

K said...

@ Cynthia:
yeah the same people hold the stalls everywhere ^^ dont they look so cool? hehehehe i reckon they're really cool =]