Friday, November 21, 2008

Zozo, World Square

Shop 10, 26 World Square
Liverpool St (under monorail station)
Ph: (02) 9267 8040

So it was Hentai Boy's birthday outing yesterday. We went to Zozo for lunch as it was close by and we really couldn't think of what to eat. Zozo is very modern and it's red decor stands out from all the surrounding restaurants. The dinner menu was quite extensive but our lunch options were limited as it was hot that day, putting us off BBQ. We all chose from the lunch specials which had two options, either the $13.90 or $14.90 set.

Lunch Special Set A $14.90 w/ BBQ Spicy Chicken as the main. (incl soybean casserole, combination deep fry, korean side dishes, rice)

BBQ Chicken close up

Korean Side Dishes

Combination Deep Fry (incl deep fried prawn & veggies)
Lunch Special Set B $13.90 w/ pork bone soup noodles as the main ( i didnt eat this and i completely forgot what it's called so i'm just making this up...i seem to do this alot ==)

Close up of pork bone soup

As advertised, Zozo is an excellent place for "happy gathering". The service is almost non-existent so there were no awkward moments where staff would look at me funny when I started taking pics of the food. We were not hurried away and sat there chatting for an age even after all our food had been finished. We'd stayed there so long that there were probably two stages where we were the only table left! 

The "happy gathering" was great but the food wasn't all that great. The rice was mushy from too much water, the side dishes were too salty for my liking and the rest of it I thought was average. The presentation of the food was nice though and the pleasant time spent with friends all but made up for the food. Maybe I might have had better luck with the dinner menu?

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