Saturday, October 3, 2009

Happy Moon Festival =]

You'd never know considering it's cold, rainy and miserable but it's moon festival today, like the actual day you're supposed to be outside eating mooncakes under the moon. Owelps, I think I've already eaten my fair share of mooncakes this year LOL I've had your traditional egg yolk ones, home made ones, pig shaped ones and of course the snowy mooncakes. The traditional mooncakes with 2 egg yolks are the favourites in my household so I really don't get the chance to try new things. However, I spotted these little beauties in the freezer one day...

Mooncakes in packs of TWO! (Tiramisu & Strawberry flavour)

YAY! These allow me to sample more flavours than one AND I don't have to force the rest of the family to eat them too hehehe

I bought them for $7 a box (of two) at my local Asian grocery store

Strawberry flavoured


Woohooo! Lookie look! The snowy white outside and pretty red inside looks sooo much more prettier than the traditional mooncakes! It's all much lighter on the stomach than the traditional ones, making it a GREAT mid-essay procrastination time snack! hehehe

Tiramisu flavoured

Innards shot

This was Tiramisu flavoured but they might as well have called it coffee coz that's all I could taste (they DO have another coffee flavour tho! LOL) For those who know me they'll know that I'm not the biggest fan of coffee hence I liked the strawberry one much much more. I think I also saw lychee, red bean and the like flavours on sale.

Well I'm off to celebrate the Moon Festival now (not really, I'm just gonna go eat hahaha!) So I wish you guys all a Happy Moon Festival! =]


Leesa said...

WTF! THAT IS SO NOT MOONCAKE. please don't tell me this is what i have been missing out on my whole life. those mooncakes look 102840184 times better than the gross ones my mum once forced me to eat!!!

Betty said...

Happy moon festival!! Pity about the tiramisu one, i think the lychee or red bean ones would've been yum :)

Amy said...

kiwi! abt time u blogged :P
i bought the sago cream with mango and pomelo snowy mooncake... it was nice and mangoey cept it wasnt very pomeloey....if u get what im talking abt....but it was still very nice ^^

we still need to go out and eat lols...!!

r u going overseas this yr?

K said...

@ Leesa: LOL! i dont get you and all the others! traditional moon cakes are nice too!!

@ Betty: yeah i think the lychee one would have been popular!

@ Amy: hahaha yep yep! sounds like you enjoyed your Moon Festival (well the moon cake at least)

Grace said...

oh yum! are those mochi mooncakes =D