Thursday, October 1, 2009

Spanish Tapas Restaurant & San Churro, Glebe

Hey Guys!
I've been buried in uni work lately (and still am) but managed to go out for a little bit after uni yesterday. We were planning to go to Ryo's at Crows Nest for ramen but NOOO it's not open on Wednesdays =[ We ended up going to the Spanish Tapas Restaurant in Glebe instead and still had a great night! There was really dim lighting tho so all pics are kinda dodgy =[ the ones below are the least dodgy ones LOL

Avocado Salad $10.50

The avocado on top was really nicely presented but it would have been easier to share around if they actually cut it up completely but it was nice regardless.

Gambas al ajillo (garlic prawns) $15.50

These were smothered in garlic (yuuuuum) hehehe the prawns were a bit small but they tasted really good and crunchy.

We also had patatas bravas, cordornices a la plancha (grilled quails), chorizos and pincho moruno (lamb skewers) all of which i really enjoyed but no pics (sorry)

We then headed down the road to San Churro and shared the Tapas for 2 and Chocolate fondue! Everyone was groaning and a bit sick from all the food afterwards but I LOVED IT hahaha. But I would suggest getting either the tapas OR the fondue because they're really similar.

Tapas for Two

You'll get better pics if you visit the San Churro website and check out their menu.

A few funny incidents occurred last night involving babies and in a separate incident left over chocolate...hahaha it was a really nice way to kick of the beginning of the long weekend. But now I need to go an do uni work =[ Thanks to everyone who hasn't given up on two-kg yet LOL

Oh yeah! I tried the golden gaytime krusher at KFC! YAY! I luuurved it!!

Ok back to uni work now!

For more info pls visit the websites below


Leesa said...

THAT BABY WAS CUTE.... unfortunately i may have caused it some psychological issues....

i like how you didn't elaborate on your sugar high... which btw was incredibly scary and hilarious! never realised how evil you are when sugar is in your system.

welcome back! looking forward to your post after this sunday! (yes, that was implicit pressure :P )

K said...

@ Leesa: hahaha i'm sorry you had to see me on a sugar high...haha be glad you've only seen my evil side once! i think i was more evil in high school (sugar high or no) but my gosh i think you freaked US out more than the BABY ahahaha the baby was very unresponsive (luckily)

YaYa said...

Was all that liquid in the garlic prawns BUTTER???? Overly generous I would say, hehe!

K said...

@ YaYa: to be honest i can't remember WHAT the liquid MAY have been butter but gaawd the prawns were jam packed with flavour LOL

The Sophisticated Aesthete said...

Oooh I love gambas al ajillo! The liquid is oil, usually olive oil, and you're meant to dip your bread in it and finish it all that way. In my opinion, you could not be generous enough with it! Oh yummy! This is one of the few Spanish dishes I actually like.

K said...

@ The Sophisticated Aesthetic: your knowlege about Spanish food is amazing! Pass some on to me! LOL