Sunday, October 25, 2009

Counter Burger, Crows Nest

Hey Guys! I'm still alive! LOL This uni semester has been really tiring. All the staying up until 3 or 4am to complete assignments then waking up early to go to go uni/work has been taking on a toll on me. I haven't really had much chances to go out and I haven't been eating anything interesting, I'm just binging on snacks lately. I'm really disappointed that I haven't been able to go to a single one of the SIFF events =[ I know October isn't over yet but I've got exams coming up so I need to study! *cries* I decided I better make a post today before I start full on studying soon. For those of you reading this post thanks for not giving up on us LOL

This visit to Counter Burger was actually from a while back and I've been waiting to get some pictures off Korkong girl but it hasn't happened T_T So I'll just have to make do with the pics I've got on me.

Build your own burger!

Fanta Float

Apple Pie Malt Shake

I was set on trying the apple pie shake even before going but I still had my doubts...after all it does sound a bit weird right? Well it HawFlake Girl seemed to share my doubts except that when she voiced her doubts one of the guys working there heard! Ahhahaha it was pretty embarrassing coz he came over and said something like "hey, it's AMAZING, people come all the way here JUST TO GET THE SHAKE" LOL Well I ended up getting the shake and yes it was AMAZING and I've had 100000000000000 cravings for it since trying it. If you have a look in the pic there's a smaller plastic cup of the apple pie shake. The guy decided HawFlake Girl needed to know how wrong she was about thinking the apple pie shake was weird so gave her a sample =] Seriously, I could have not eaten anything and just downed two or three of those man! It was sooooo goooooooood!

"The Fifty-Fifty" - Fries and onion strings

We actually wanted the sweet fries and onion strings but sadly they ran out of sweet fries =[ They were still rally good though, especially with the dips (can't remember what they were!), I also dipped them in the sauce that came with my burger and mixed the different sauces together hehehe (I was one of those kids that always mixed up all the left over sauces and food).

HawFlake Girl's Burger

I dunno what happened to the pic of my burger...there's only one burger pic left =[ I think the pictured burger was a grilled chicken grilled onion, pineapple, lettuce blend and.....i can't remember the rest >< (this visit was before this hectic semester started! So that's at least 13 weeks ago!!)

I do remember what I had in my burger tho! It was a grilled chicken burger with imported Swiss cheese, roasted corn & black bean salsa (this was very spicy!), lettuce blend, tomatoes and capsicum with a country buttermilk ranch sauce on a hamburger bun. Mmmmmmmmmmmmmm It was a really really filling meal and I ended up feeling sick afterwards but it really enjoyed it during the eating process hehe I'm definitely going back when the holidays come around but maybe pass on the fries.

Counter Burger
118 Willoughby Rd
Crows Nest NSW 2065
ph: (02) 9436 2700


Leesa said...

the apple pie milkshake WAS amazing. i fully recommend it! korkong girl what the! i want to know the story behind this nickname hahahaha. but yeah she owes us those pictures man.
well i have already been back tehehehe. but we should go back again please :)

Leesa said...

ps you got one detail wrong. we went to counter burger during mid-sem break! not before the semester started! cos i didn't know korkong girl then!

K said...

@ leesa: lol well it felt like it was aaaages ago!