Sunday, October 25, 2009

Sooshi, New Zealand Natural

Hahaha ok, one more post before I decide to drown myself in lecture notes and textbooks!

The guys at New Zealand Natural have been nice enough to send me two vouchers to try their new product Sooshi. Sooshi looks like a regular rice sushi but it's made of real fruit and ice cream! Their fruit fillings are made to represent fillings you can find in real sushi with lemon presenting yellow peppers, raspberry - crab, blackcurrant - red peppers and apricot - carrot.

I managed to get a box of six a few days ago and they had two flavours in a box, I did find them to be slightly different to the pic tho. Instead of a white ice cream (the rice bit) they had fruit flavoured ice cream with matching fruit fillings. The 'seaweed' bit was pretty cool. It was those *healthy* versions of roll ups you had as a kid..the dried fruit strip things - not sure what they were called. But the 'seaweed' was really soft so I could bite it apart without really having to use my teeth.

I was alone that day so I found it difficult to finish all six by myself - it's a sign that I should have waiting until I had someone to share with - sharing is caring! =P Or maybe it was coz I'd just had lunch.....meh~ either way I suggest sharing with others! LOL I still have one voucher left so I will definitely be sharing the next box I get =] Any takers? =P

images provided by New Zealand Natural

You can find sooshi at your local New Zealand Natural for $1 a piece or $5.70 for a tray of six. For more info visit or you can go to your local store and ask for more details =]

EDIT: hey guys! I found a site where you can get your own buy one get one free vouchers! Link HERE!!


Von said...

Thanks for the link- I've been wondering what these things were......

K said...

@ Von: no probs! hope you like it =]

Betty said...

i've seen these (when i was in melb)
havent gone past a newzealand icecream place in yd since i got back

but they look so cute

dont think i could finish 6 either, prob only half -1 (my diet won't allow anymore more then that! haha)

Vee - A Melbourne Munchkin. said...

I had a bad experience using the voucher when I bought this - I blogged about it too. But I agree the taste is alright! =o)