Thursday, July 2, 2009

La Renaissance, The Rocks

47 Argyle St, The Rocks
Sydney NSW
ph: 9241 4878

HELLO ALL! yes I know I've disappeared for a very long time =S LOL, I'm finally on holidays and bothered to make some posts.. and today I went to the rocks especially to buy the cakes at la renaissance! :D

ever since last week, when my sister ordered a cake for her birthday there, I always wanted to buy all these other ones, I wasn't a fan of mousse cakes until I tried the one at la renaissance last week haha for her birthday we tried the 'Larme de Gaugin' one, which was $36 and served 6

I know the colour isn't the best, =.='' because that day, we stupidly forgot to bring a camera, I can't believe it, we didn't bring a camera and it was like a birthday celebration ==" but anyways, so we resorted to phones.... and my phone was so smart it's battery decided to DIE! so yes, we had like pictures from everyone's phone and this one was the best one I could find of the cake LOL!

yes I know.. it looks very pretty, it tastes awesome too! The inside is a mixed berry mousse which is not too sweet, infact, its abit sour too.. which is perfect for someone like me, who don't eat cakes much because they always tend to be overly sweet...

and the outer layer is a very thin layer of sponge cake and we were all wondering why it tasted so nice and soon realised that it was the taste of almond ^^hehehe

so then today I went back to get more cakes HAHA single slice ones =D
and I couldn't get over the nice mousse cakes they have there so I bought three different flavours. the berry one (same as the birthday cake), passionfruit, and mango x strawberry

I bought the passionfruit one for my mum cos I don't really like passionfruits myself, I was more interested in the strawberry x mango one hahahhaa

they are so pretty omg.. ><" but I can't really blog about them yet cos I just got home not long ago and its pretty late at night so I'm planning to eat them tomorrow HAHAHA I'll edit this after I taste them and see which one tastes the best ^^~ ohh and they were $6 per slice =) eat in would be $7.

I also bought 2 macaroons - chestnut x greentea and dark chocolate
they should be really nice with coffee, even though I don't drink coffee... LOL and it's not as sweet as the lindt ones. =D

this is like a really really bad photo I took in the car =.=" and it was all dark... and look theres a mini version of the gaugin one for only $2.50! =P so cute ><" and then the oval shape one is coffee x chocolate, and a mini fruit tart, and the other one, according to the site it is: Tranche au Chocolate - Valrhona chocolate Ganache with layers of flourless chocolate biscuit sponge and pistachio nuts. (btw these are my friend's, but the macaroons are mine hahahah) I'll ask her what they taste like ... LOL when she eats them..


tummyrumble said...

the chestnut green tea macaron is sooo delicious...

G said...

@tummyrumble yes i know! its like the best one out of all the ones i've tried ^^

Simon Food Favourites said...

that's a lot of sugar. looks good.

K said...

OMG YOU BLOGGED! SHOCK! hahaha looks very yummy =] i'm at work SICK *cough*cough* luckily the trainee lady is getting better at it now so i can take a bit of a rest =]

Belle@Ooh, Look said...

I love the look of those cakes. I've had a Gauguin before (from Laurent patisserie) but your's looks better.