Thursday, June 25, 2009

Lowenbrau Keller, Ton Ton, Azuma Patisserie and MORE

YAY! I finally finished my exams! So what's the first thing I did to celebrate the end of the torturous hell know as exams? I ATE!


Schweinshaxn (Over roast pork knuckle with Sauerkraut and Mashed Potatoes)

Hawflake girl and I already know that we're having the prok knuckle shared between us, I don't know about her but I'd been dreaming about it for aaaages LOL Sir CKWL couldn't stand the wait til we got there so he'd already eaten but still decided to try A BIT of our pork knuckle but ooooh he sooo didn't eat a bit! We ended up having to order extra mash to share because nothing beats Lowenbrau's mash and also because THERE WASN'T ENOUGH FOOD TO GO AROUNND!!! LOL

Extra side of Mashed Potatoes

Hehehe we weren't the only hungry ones that day, several times parrot flew in and tried to steal sugar. They were successful at it too! I don't know if birds are aloowed to have sugar or not but the cheeky parrots were SO CUTE!

Variation Plate (apple strudel, sticky date pudding, berry crumble and icecream with berry coulis)

Ofenfrischer Apfelstrudel (Traditional Warm Apple Strudel with Freshly Whipped Cream)

The apple strudel without the whipped cream! LOL This was the most lactose free dessert on the menu!


*Someone* licked their plate clean of the icing sugar hehehe

I think all of Lowenbrau's desserts are pretty good, my favourites being the apple strudel, bier battered apples and the sticky date pudding (which I'd only tried from the variation plate). The icecream on the variation plate was really crap but the berry coulis was very nice, making up for the icecream.

We were clutching our stomachs and groaning when we left and I even make hawflake girl promise that she'd stop me if I wanted to buy cake later!


Shio ramen

Ton Ton ramen

Kogashi Ninniku Ramen

Need I state the obvious and say that these were GREAT? they all look similar here though but my kogashi ninniku ramen (garlic ramen topped with black seasame) was defintely worth the frew extra dollars. The pork was sooo much more tender than the pork in the shio ramen. I'm sad to say I've only ordered noodles each time I go to Ton Ton. I will remember to try the other stuff next time!


When I say Azuma Patisserie I'm talking about the cake display at the Azuma Kushiyaki in Regent (i.e. right opposite Ton Ton). This is my new found love at the moment and I think it will remain so for quite some time!

Strawberry Layered Cake & Mont Blanc

Mont Blanc $5.90

The Mont Blanc is a chestnut cream cake and features a shiny brown chestnut on the top. I'm amazed at the prettiness of the cake and smooth even piping on the outside. While I don't really like the chestnut itself, I think it's very nice visually.

Mont Blanc innards

That was actually the first time I'd had a Mont Blanc cake. Sure, I'd tried some chestnut cakes before but they were always the quare/rectangluar ones with the chestnut piping on the top and looked mor like watery poo than something you'd eat. The cream on the inside was very nice too but then there was someother sort of cream down the bottom, inside the pastry which was a bit weird. The pastry itself was very nice too.

Strawberry Layered Cake $5.90

This is definitely my favourite at the moment out of all the cakes I've tried at Azuma. Every single layer is PERFECT and the layers of songe cake were SO MOIST they were practically still wet! (Okay, that doesn't sound very nice but trust me, the moist-ness was AMAZING!) The pink layered bits you see were actually THINLY SLICED STRAWBERRIES which was a VERY NICE SURPRISE.

Saint Honore $5.90

The first thing that came to mind when I saw this was CROQUEMBOUCHE CHALLENGE. This was so cute I had to try it. This was slightly disappointing though. The choux pastry puffs tasted like they'd been sitting there for quite some time (it was the only one left when I bought it...) and the pate brisee down the bottom a bit too brown, it started to taste burnt =[ There was "the crunch" from the caramel on the puff pastries though, bring a smile to my face, reminding me of how I wished I was one of the judges the one eating Poh's croquembouche.

Mikan (mandarin) Nerikiri $4.50

These were so cute I had to try them too! LOL I'd never tried nerikiri before and whilst I didn't really like this, I know it was more due to personal preference than because it didn't taste nice. Nerikiri is a type of wagashi (Japanese traditional sweet) eaten at Tea Ceremonies.

The outside had a strong taste of mandarin peels and the inside was filled with red bean paste. I really liked how they did that little slicing of the manadarin the expose the flesh thing. They even tried to make it look like you could actually see the segments of the mandarin!

See the square container of white stuff on the left? That's soy milk pudding. I wanted to try that too but I thought I'd better not be too greedy so didn't end up getting it. Hawflake girl bought it so maybe I'll just wait and see what she says about it.

So that concludes my eating adventures on the last day of exams. Rest assured that I have not been starving myself DURING the exams though. Here's just a few pics from the during-exam-period.

Plum Quark Pastry (Luneburger)

Apple Triangle (Luneburger)

Unseeded Pastrami Roll (Luneburger)

Seeded Pastrami Roll (luneburger)

Smoked Chicken Bagel (Bagel House)

Assorted asian mushrooms hotpot (at home)

First attempt maltesers mochi (made my me)

Gosh they look terrible! But they tasted GREAT! I will try to make them again soon and post them up again along with a recipe.

Yum Cha style custard lo mai chi/mochi

These were my first attempt too. Additional pics and recipe to come later on.

Lindt Dolce/Macaroons

Me making wonton

Excuse the mess on the table...

Finished product

Sushi platter from Sho-ya

Sho-ya is a Korean owned sushi place in Strathfield. They offer *all sushi $3 per plate* everyday! Situated at Strathfield Blvd.

For more information about any of the places in this post please visit the respective websites.


Simon Food Favourites said...

i'll have to try the Kogashi Ninniku Ramen at Ton Ton Chifley which is closer to me. hopefully it's just as good as Ton Ton Regent.

Arwen from Hoglet K said...

I love the photo of the lorikeet stealing the sugar! Very cute, but probably not too good for them. The presentation on those cakes is amazing, especially the mandarin mochi.

Christie @ Fig & Cherry said...

Wow, sugar overload! ;)

I'm dying to try that pork knuckle - it seems everyone has had it but me!

Lorraine @ Not Quite Nigella said...

Haha great action plan. What a nice range of food too. I especially like the look of the tower of chestnut puree-divine stuff. I had a quick look at the Azuma cakes and hubby had to pull me away :lol:

Chris said...

Sounds like you did well in post-exam celebration - We went to Azuma Regent to cheer me up in the exam period, didn't try the desserts, though they did look tempting!
@Christie - me neither, i feel like I'm missing out!

Lisa said...

Leesa is incredibly jealous that you can eat THIS MUCH and still look amazing in those skinny jeans!!!

Sigh, I wish that meal never ended. It was sooooo good. Even Sir CKWL could not resist! HAHA "sir ckwl".

The pudding was nice, though having said that I ate it in about 5 seconds so didn't really properly take notice of its taste. Man that day was just EAT EAT EAT EAT for me >< The guilt is only just starting to set in!

Good post! Welcome back!

cynthia said...

is shoya the one where you have to go upstairs?

K said...

@ Simon: yeah you definitely should! It's worth the few extra dollars =]\

@ Arwen: presentation wise the cakes definitely trumped everything else!

@ Christie: hehe that's like Zumbos cafe and I, we are yet to cross paths! =[

@Lorraine: LOL don't worry, I'm sure next time he won't succeed in pulling you away! =P

@Chris: I'm too cheap to eat at Azuma so I just had to settle on the cakes ><

@Lisa: the guilt has YET TO SET IN FOR ME! I'm going to bed clutching my stomach each night. NOT GOOD.

@Cynthia: nup, Sho-ya is the sushi-train thingy place next to where jumbo ice cream used to be.

G said...

macaroons~ =D the one at la renaissance at the rocks is nice, and the mousse cake is soo yum, its like not too sweat and its fruity and yes.. ahahhaha the macaroons there are not as sweet as the lindt ones =D try the chestnut greentea ^^~~~~~ i went to azuma to eat too.. .. but i cant seem to find the pics... i took some but they disappeared so i never ended up blogging o.o

eden said...

wow !
we could totally be best friends, haha, every time i finish an exam or somethign i always go on an eating spree with a friend (whiel the rest of the people in my course go on drinking sprees, hahah)

and is the red patterny thing whipped cream in the apple strudel pic ?!
it looks soooo prettyyyy ooooooomgggggggg

hope your exams went well !!

prettyprettyyumyum said...

wowsers!! so much oishi!! :)
seeing all that makes me want to return to aus! xo

K said...

@G: i always walk past that place and stare inside but I've never bought something from there though =[ and OMG it's the HOLIDAYS dude! how can you STILL not be blogging?!?!?

@eden: YAY for eating sprees! BOOO for drinking spree! why would you wanna spend your money on DRINKS which don't make you full, induces you to micturate AND make you wasted? LOL we asked for no whipped cream, the red patterny thing is like a strawberry/custard-y sauce-y thing LOL

@prettyprettyyumyum: let's swap places LOL

Anonymous said...

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