Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Botanica Brasserie, Sheraton on the Park Hotel

Now who doesn't love a great two for the price of one buffet? Hehehe with the enliven your senses deal you can have two for the price of one buffet at both Sheraton on the Park (Bontanica Brasserie) and Sheraton Four Points Hotel (Corn Exchange). I don't know why but we've only had Sheraton buffet at Bontanica Brasserie and not at the Corn Exchange and this time was no exception...(I just checked it out and it's cheaper at the Corn Exchange, maybe it's reflected in the food quality?)


Smoked Salmon

They had those glass thingys where you could only put your hand in to reach the food so it was a bit hard to take pics. I also totally fail when it comes to taking pics at a buffet, I only remember to take pics of my own plate but not the actual self service areas ==

Prawns & Oysters

The oysters were a bit of a disappointment. They were very small and I llike mines creamy, which these weren't.

Anti-clockwise from the bottom: Lamb rack, ricotta and pumpkin pinwheel, noodle salad, saffron crusted lamb, smoked salmon, pesto pasta, grilled mediterranean veggies

The ricotta and pumpkin pinwheel was definitely the highlight of that plate and I went back for it twice! The noodle salad was also pretty nice, slightly tangy, helping to cut through the richness of all the other stuff on my plate! The saffron lamb was okay but nothing special.

Not sure what I was trying to take a pic of here...


Icecream Teppanyaki

They had a whole slab of glass separating us from the icecream teppanyaki so I couldn't get a good shot with my meagre camera phone. This is like coldrock icecream but with a fancier name and less options to choose from!

You could choose from chocolate or vanilla icecream and the toppings included nuts, chocolate, m&m's, banana chips, marshmallows etc.

Vanilla icecream teppanyaki w/ banana chips

I was quite full by this time so went for simple vanilla icecream & banana chips instead of something richer. I think it would have been nicer if they had real banana as well as a selection of other fruits.


I left as a very happy chappy, clutching my tummy! =] The desserts were definitely my favourite part of the meal though I am disappointed I only managed ONE creme brulee!

Buffet prices start from $90 (ie. $90 for two people with the enliven your senses deal)

Botanica Brasserie
Sheraton on the Park
Level 1, 161 Elizabeth St
Sydney, NSW 2000
Ph: (02) 9286 6650


Simon Food Favourites said...

wow. you did have a lot of desserts. how much was the buffet?

K said...

@ Simon: haha great question! i didn't notice it wasn't in the post. I've added it now. It was $90 for the two of us but it would probably be more expensive if you went for dinner/on the weekends.

Belle@Ooh, Look said...

I didn't find out about the Enliven card till today, and then I read this post - great timing! The buffet looks pretty good, and if you can get 2-for-1, then it's even better!

Lorraine @ Not Quite Nigella said...

You did a great job with taking pics! It's hard when it's under glass with reflections. Good selection but a shame about the oysters (where I go crazy :P). What was that large white chocolate circle on top of what looks like hundreds and thousands?

K said...

@ Belle: I'm glad you found out about it before it ended! I'm planning to try the one at Corn Exchange tomorrow!

@ Lorraine: that chocolate circle thing was just a decoration but it was very pretty!