Thursday, July 16, 2009

Bills, Darlinghurst

So K & G have FINALLY eaten together again. Boy has it been a long time! We turn up at Bills and are greeted with a bright and modern atmosphere. We get seats at the large communal table and immediately start spying to see what other people are eating.

Big planty thingy on the communal table

I'm meeting up with hawflake girl later for lunch so we decide to get one big and one small thing to share between the two us.

Organic sourdough with jam

You can't see in the picture but there's a massive slab of butter between the two slices of bread. The sourdough was soo good with the butter and jam that I think I would have been content just eating that alone for my brunch!

Sweet corn fritters, roast tomato, spinach and bacon

I was really looking forawrd to this and it didn't disappoint. The corn kernels were sweet and juicy, and the bits of everything else went really well together too. We were shocked by how full we were, considering we thought we'd order just enough food for a light meal!

Bills hot chocolate made with Callebaut

G also had the hot chocolate which she allowed me to stir =P It was so fun stirring it and watching the milk turn from white to brown hehehe. G declared the hot choc very yummy although it got a bit too sweet near the end. I feel like I missed out without trying the hot choc! (That's my excuse to go again! Oh, and I still haven't tried the ricotta hot cakes which means I MUST go again right? =P)

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433 Liverpool St
Darlinghurst 2010
Ph (02) 9360 9631


leesa said...

hawflake girl is jealous!

hahaha btw yesterday you know how i went to newtown with arwin? we went to corellis and i had breakfast for dinner! :P! HAHAHA
i'm going there next tuesday for breakfast again. ahhhh....
hey you should review lemon- it can be your first real negative review :P i wonder if you can be sued for defamation though.

Simon Food Favourites said...

one day i hope to try the signature dishes. i wish it wasn't so crowded when i walk past.

FFichiban said...

w000tt the hot chocc!! Ooh and the corn fritters mmmm haha love the 'big plant thingy' ;)

K said...

@ leesa: haha i WILL review the lemon place...soon...

@ Simon: yeah I really want to try th ricotta hotcakes!

@ FFichiban: hehehe the big planty thing was cool =]