Sunday, July 12, 2009

Glutinous Rice Balls/ Yum Cha Style Mochi

Ingredients (makes HEAPS!)
3 cups glutinous rice flour
1 1/4 cups water
1/2 cup sugar
dessicated coconut to coat
oil for greasing
filling of choice

glutionous rice flour

1. Bring water to the boil then add sugar, stirring until completely dissolved.
2. In a large bowl, mix glttionous rice flour and sugar-dissolved water until dough is formed.
3. Add more water/flour if needed. When the right consistency, you should be able to break off small pieces easily and when you press your finger into the dough it should leave a visible indent.
4. Break off small pieces to desired size and roll them into balls.
5. Using your finger, make a "well" in the dough to put the filling. Make sure not to overfill it!!
6. Pinch the edges together, ensuring the filling doesn't come out.
7. Oil a large plate before placing the glutinous rice balls on it, making sure they are quite spaced out. (they do expand when steaming)
8. Steam for approx 8-10min in small batches.
9. Roll in dessicated cocolnut to coat.
10. Allow to cool before serving.

Seasame filling

Dark chocolate ganache filling

N.B. Best to refridgerate or freeze the filling beforehand to make it easier to handle. I found it the easiest to use chocolate ganache (which I made myself). I also tried using mashed banana, custard and coconut spread (found in asian groceries). You can keep the in the fridge in an air tight container for a few days but you'll need to microwave them so that they're soft.

This is the first actual receipe that I've postedd up and gosh it was hard thinking of and typing up each step!


leesa said...

i'm going to try this and tell you how it goes :P

FFichiban said...

Oh YUM! I love black sesame mochi balls mmmm I crave them now!

milkteaxx said...

ive got another recipe for it,cept its more compicated, bit its worth it! ^^

tummyrumble said...

I;m so glad you did, because now I will try making my own mochi!

Lorraine @ Not Quite Nigella said...

This is so cool! I've asked my mum to show me how to make these. I love them! :)

eden said...

i havent had thse in sooo long, almost forgot abt them
brings back good memories
i guess i'll make do with eating bounty for the time being =[

K said...

@ leesa: yeah you could sooo do it with your chocolate spread!

@ FFicchiban: mm i really like the ones at shu shin bou!

@ milkteaxx: is it the one where you steam it first them wrap the filling? i'm planning to post that recipe up soon =]

@ tummyrumble: yay! go homemade mochi! you can put whatever filling you like!

@ Lorraine: mum's recipes are always the best aren't they? =]

@ eden:what about bounty filled mochi? LOL it may/may not work hehehe

FFichiban said...

Hhaa I know a friend whos friends with the owners son or something haha and yet I have not been :S

K said...

@ FFichiban: hahaha wrong post maybe?

candi said...

hi...i would like to try your recipe but i was wondering if you would know how i could purchase a black sesame filling and a red bean filling or how to make them.

candi said...

sorry i meant where i could purchase it* not how!

K said...

hey! it's great that you're gonna try it =] i just bought the filling from the asian supermarkets (for the sesame one i used the instant sesame dessert soups but i don't really recommend you using that) try to get a sesame paste that is more solid than liquid in consistency. Good luck =]