Sunday, July 26, 2009

Organic Cafe, Surry Hills

Organic sugar!

After Bills with G, I met up with hawflakegirl and we went to Surry Hills. We were totally lost, tired and starved after wondering around endlessly and when we stumbled across Organic Cafe we surrendered right then and there. There really wasn't much of an indoor seating area so we opted to sit outside on the sidewalk (sometime which I've never done before!). The first thing I noticed when we were seated was the organic sugar! LOL

Organic Split green pea soup with smoked tofu and organic sourdough bread

Argh! I should have posted this earlier! Now I've forgotten how much they cost! This was very very very thick and there was a lot of pepper in it. It was warm, thick and firey, perfect for that cold winter day - and it was especially cold because we sat outside. I know it's a pea soup but it was really pea-y and I was all pea-ed out halfway through. The sourdough bread was very good with the soup but the one I had early at Bills was definitely better. There was little sign of this "smoked tofu" which didn't seem very smokey to me.

organic nachos avocado and kidney beans

I'm pretty sure that's not the actual name of the dish but my memory fails me. This was exceptionally good. It tasted way better than the nachos which you get in packets (the only type I've had!). You could really taste that they were healthier than the packet ones and it was surprisingly even yummier when you dipped it in the pea soup!

I think we overstayed our welcome - they were packing up the other empty tables and chairs on the sidewalk midway through our meal. They were really nice about it though, not rushing us at all which made us kind of feel bad when we left! Sorry and thankyou to the nice guy who we paid!! Thanks for the directions too! hehehe

Organic Cafe
487 Crown St
Surry Hills
Ph (02) 9319 4009

On a tangent this is the funniest thing I've seen in a while! I'm too sleepy to type up a translation but I'm pretty sure the visuals do the talking. BEHOLD AIR YAKINIKU for vegetrians or those too poor to eat yakiniku. (*hint*hint* this is the site I was talking about amy the great =P) Basically what you do is have a real bowl of rice and soy sauce with you infront of the computer (the source of the yakiniku) and you pretend you're really eating yakiniku. You can do it alone, with friends, with your date and even with your whole family!
N.B. It does take a while to load.


Leesa said...

Those nachoes were great! I really want to go back again! Mine was about $14 and I think yours was a little less

Amy said...

Organic nachos! Lol. They look like the healthiest nachos in the world! Oishi-sou!

Kruppy said...

Yum! I can't imagine anything better than sitting outside with a warm jacket and eating a warm pea soup. In my opinion the mroe peas the better!

Kruppy (Nuffnang)

K said...

@ Leesa: yeah your nachoes/nachos (sp?) where really good! i think i want nachos right now... LOL

@ Amy: everything there was pretty healthy =] I would go all the time if it was closer to me =]

@ Kruppy: gotta love warm winter food <3