Monday, May 11, 2009

Croquebouche Patisserie, Randwick

Croquenbouche Patisserie
Shop 2
65/71 Belmore Rd
Randwick, NSW 2031 

Last time we walked down to Randwick we'd come across this place. The cake display was really pretty but unfortunately we were already pretty full from other amazing food! We promised that the next time we went to Randwick we'd stop by and get ourselves some cake! Of course we kept our promise! hahaha

Unfortunately I was unable to get a picture of the cake display so the pics ofthe actual cakes we had will have to suffice. 

Opera $4.90 

Truffle $4.90

We all had our eyes on the Opera cake but the individualist in me refused to conform so I got the Truffle instead! Plus it would have been boring to have three identical cakes in this post right? hehehe It was actually a good choice because the Opera ckae turned out to be TOO sweet whilstmines was still manageable despite it being so chocolate-y. I liked mines but I'd already had a lot of sweet things earlier today so I struggled to finish the whole thing. I was actually pretty relieved when I handed the cake over to more able hands (or should I say stomachs?)

N.B. You have been warned about the sweetness of the opera cake! Attempt it at your own risk!


organic girl said...

i'm still feeling sick from the sweetness!!!!!! but i think i might get myself a blueberry bagel tmr :p

Chris said...

Yum! You need to take me on one of your expeditions sometime~!

Simon said...

These cakes look like a treat!

What do the respective cakes taste like other that sweet or chocolately?

Arwen from Hoglet K said...

It's lucky you picked something different. It's always exciting when something turns out better than you expect.

Anonymous said...

Lucky you got the truffle instead! and being a foodblogger u know variety is the way to go hee hee ;)

K said...

@ organic girl: you didn't end up getting a blueberry bagel! LOL

@ Chris: and you need to take me on one of yours =P

@ Simon: I think we were too full to fully appreciate the cakes =[ now that calls for another visit! hehe

@ Arwen: Yep, I was pretty happy I didn't stick with the others~

@ FFichiban: You're totally right! Variety is very important!!

Amy said...

since when did kiwi leave food unfinished?:P

K said...