Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Shu Shin Bou, World Square


You can't imagine how happy I was when I saw that sign! TWO DOLLAR MOCHI!! But then I looked at the usual prices ($2.75 each, $14.50/box of 4, $25/box of 12) and saw that the saving wasn't really that great. But still, a sale is a sale and this is a mochi sale! 

I bought 5 different flavours and they were (L-R from the back) :
choc chip and melon, strawberry, blueberry, brown sugar and coconut, green tea

I was told by the sales assistant that there were two ways to store/eat your mochi.
1.) For a icecream-like texture: keep in the freezer and rest for 5 min before consumption (can be kept for up to 20 days in the freezer)
2.) For a mousse-like texture: keep in the fridge, can be consumed right after refridgerating (can be kept for up to 5 days in the fridge)

I had put mines in the freezer, wanting an incecream-like texture. I really savoured every mochi, not gorging myself on all five in one day (that's what I'd usually do) because I've been a bit sick lately. 

Greentea mochi

I tried the greentea mochi first. I was sort of impatient, waiting for the 5min resting time so when I bit into it, it still had a few icy bits. The greentea and red bean flavours were very strong though, very nice!

Strawberry mochi

This was my favourite! I'd rested this one perfectly so there were no cold, hard icy bits and really did taste llike icecream! There were also bits of strawberry inside, adding a little fruity tang to it which I really liked. 

Blueberry and choc chip & melon mochi 

I was also really looking forward to these two but they didn't seem as great after I'd had the strawberry one. I actually forgot about these two after taking them out of the freezer so they rested for close to 30min! They were more mousse than icecream by that stage and there was this just-noticable coating of oilyness/cream?!? on my tongue that I didn't really like. Also I wasn't aware that the melon mochi actually had choc chips in it until cutting it open. I was expecting it to have an empowering melon scent like kasugai gummies so I was majorly disappointed when I couldn't taste any melon flavour at all. 

Brown sugar and coconut mochi

Last but not least, the brown sugar and coconut mochi. I thought this was very interesting with the separation of the brown sugar part and the coconut part. I coudn't really taste the two dinstinctive flavours though, expect for the shreds of coconut that coated the mochi. 

All in all, my preferences are as follows:
1. Strawberry
2. Greentea
3. Blueberry
4. Choc chip and melon = brown suagr and coconut 

Shu Shin Bou
Miracle Supermarket
Lower Ground, World Square Shopping Centre
644 George St, NSW 2000
Ph: +61 402 551 082
Open 11am - 8.30pm everyday 


Anonymous said...

I am a recent convert to mochi and went on an adventure to find shu shin bou not realising it had moved! Then I found it, and bought lot's and ate them all!

Anonymous said...

ommgg I still haven't been to Shu Shin Bou yet X( whats wrong with mmeee :(! Must go sooonnn!

Grace said...

oooh I've walked past this place so many times since the grand opening haha and never bought anything, EVEN when the two dollar mochi sign was up! never knew which mochi to pick... haha but now I am armed with RECOMMENDATIONS, gonna go and try the strawberry and green tea mochis :D


Anonymous said...

lol i missed out on the 2 dollar sales

ur blogs pretty cool =D