Friday, April 10, 2009

Lim's Charcoal Barbeque, Hurstville

374 Forest Rd
Hurstville NSW 2220
Phone (02) 9586 1582

hahaha so it's been a while since I've made a post... yes.. I know I'm sad.. LOL I've neglected two-kg, so I went out to eat on the first day of holiday!! yay for mid semester break.. haha and went all the way to hurstville for this korean bbq buffet! the price was reasonable, $29 for all you can eat =)

although I only went with one other person, I believe this place is better when it's some group outing. there's a great variety of bbq meat, and some cooked traditional korean food... it also offers food like sushi, fried rice, salads and other small things.. and theres dessert and fruits too! (but the cooked food wasn't as great.....and the icecream, tasted so weird.. but I guess you can't expect too much from a $29 all you can eat buffet ^^ ) the marinated bbq meat tasted great tho, esp the beef being so soft.. but some of them were pretty hard to chew.. (I can't really remember which one tho.. because I can't really tell the difference between the meat when they are raw =.='')

the service wasn't the best.. we waited very long for them to put the hot plate on for us.. we were starving... and I think they turn the grills down on purpose.. and took forever to cook the food! and I was starring at it hoping it'll be done soon cos I WAS SO HUNGRY >=\ but in the end we figured out how to turn it up hahaha =)

the range of traditional korean dishes... the things u usually get in the beginning when you go to a korean restaurant =D


not much choice for seafoods... only some squid, octopus and mussel.

here we have the range of the meat... I think it was the marinated beef that was the softest... =D or was it beef skirt.. =\ don't remember =.='' they look the same to me... beef! LOL! but some were so hard to chew I couldn't swallow it ><
waiting for the food to cook -.-'' it looks as though the hot plate is COLD LOL! not a single sign of food being cooked =.='' haha I was so impatient =.='' and after a very long time we felt some heat =]

and FINALLY I can eat! lOL! wasnt too bad... I was VERY FULL by the end of the meal LOL! like so full I couldn't eat anymore hahaha

some pics of other food I took when I was walking around =)

at first I saw alot more.. but when I went to get them... there were only these left =.=''

some salad and corn (haha grilled corn is nice!)

at first I didn't know what they were cos they looked abit..... o.o'' ahhaha and then saw ''rice cake'' LOL! didn't try.. .hmm..

sweet potato and garlic bread

I got these when I was waiting for the meat to be cooked cos it was sooo slow.. LOL! the potato noodles reminded me of the first time I bought them during high school years at strathfield.. cos people kept eating it at school =\ LOL!

overall it was a fun experience... but I smelt like smoke afterwards T__T" my poor jacket.. LOL! ><" food wasn't bad =D I prefer japanese bbq more though LOL! yes, I'm refering to suminoya.. hahahahah~~~ but suminoya is $50pp compared to 29 here =] I should plan to go to some more places this holiday ><" since I haven't been out much during the semester.. and I finally have my car back! so yea ^^


Arwen from Hoglet K said...

Oh no - a cold bbq! Lucky you figured it out in the end. It must have been working if it made your jacket smell smoky. Grilled corn sounds tasty, and I always love bbq garlic.

shez said...

ahhhh! but smoky clothes + hair = bbq success :) i always have to stick my clothes outside to air for the night after eating korean bbq. it always smells so good at the time...

billy@ATFT said...

$29 all you can eat bbq? I think it will be another foodblogger meeting soon! LOL