Friday, April 17, 2009


I'm really supposed to be writing a results and discussion section for a lame pscyh report about how we can improve children's memory but then again, that's boring and this is fun hehehe. I just got off work a while ago so I will procrastinate a bit first =]

So it was my birthday this week and haw flake girl's birthdady exactly a week before mines! So to celebrate us and our group of B Pysch buddies went to Newtown to celebrate. I won't blog about Newtown yet (as I don't want to procrastinate too much) but I can definitely say this year was one of the coolest birthday parties I've had =] Seriously, Newtown is the place to be to have a good time!

I will leave you with a pic of my cool cool food-related birthday presents from my cool cool friends =]

Organic girl: homemade nutella mochi (they were soo yummy!), agnes b pin, cool cool pacer with hand-stuck diamantes 
The BFFs: Around the world in 450 recipes & The Chocolate and Coffee Bible (these are sooo good for procrastinating! LOL)
Haagen Daz girl: the cool cool tea pot set including teapot, tea bag holder, cup & saucer! The place we ate at had coffee mugs in the exact same pattern! HAHAHA
Macho boy: An OVEN MIT! (hahaha) and the Engrish book! 
and last but not least...
Haw flake girl: SHE GOT ME AN ELECTRIC BEATER! Twas very very ironic as earlier that day we made our birthday cake BY HAND as we lacked electircal appliances!

Maybe I'll be back in another 15minutes claiming to have another small break (before I've even started my work! LOL)


HAHAHA i came back! im soo useless! I forgot my birthday badge!

hahaha that badge is still on my scarf =P


Lisa said...

machoboy! HAHAHA!
glad you had fun.
the bffs... so unfair. why is it only between them two? so lame.

Old Ladies Driving said...
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Old Ladies Driving said...

Wishing you a delicious birthday! love & laughter,
--The Old Ladies

Lisa said...

lets go to these places when sem 1 is over

also we still haven't done vegetarian yum cha! did you end up going with your mum? if so was it good or bad or mediocre?

chocolatesuze said...

hey happy birthday dude!

FFichiban said...

Happy belated Bday!!! w00t w00t ^^! Sounds like you got some awesome stuff there :)

K said...

@ Everyone: thanks! =] hehhehe