Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Bobby's Cafe, Darlington

Bobby's Cafe 
Cnr Abercrombie & Lawson St
(Near Redfern Station)

I couldn't actually any details about Bobby's Cafe online except for a comment someone left on smh asking people to recommed places with good coffee. That's where I got the address from. 

So I'd decided to meet up with the usyd-er, have brekkie together and tka e atour around usyd too. The usyd-er suggests we go to Bobby's. She hadn't been there yet but it was recommended to her and whoever that was, I thank you.

It had a "Melbourne feel" to it. Hahahaha I dunno. It just had a bit more personality than the normal cafes you'd find in Sydney, or maybe because it was in the Redfern area. Everything there had what I now call "a Melbourne feel" LOL

Chai Latte $2.80

Latte $2.80

Our drinks came with Tiny Teddies!!!!!!! That was definitely the coolest thing hehehe This Chai Latte reminded me of the one I had at Cafe No 5 not too sweet, not watery. I was very happy =] =] It was just a shame that the sun was shining in the wrong direction and I didn't know how to take a nice pic in the poor lighting. 

Vegetarian Omelette w/ white Turish bread $10.80

The food was pretty affordable compared to other Sydney cafes and considering the size. When our brekkies came out the first thing that came to mind was we're not gonna finish this, we should have shared LOL

When I saw my omelette was was like wow it looks like a face =] The bit of tomato looks like its' tongue sticking out hhehehe The omelette had tomatoes, sun dried tomatoes and and and..umm...OLIVES (hahaha thanks usyder for reminding me =]) But most importantly it was yummy, especially on my yummy toast...

Green eggs & mushrooms on toast w/ fetta $10.80

The green eggs were actually pesto eggs and that was very good too. You really can't go wrong with muchrooms, nor can you go wrong with fetta ao everything was great! Neither of us finished our meals which was kinda sad.... I had so much difficultly getting up and walking!! We then got up to pay and the usyd-er notices the tiny teddy stuck on the blackboard which was the second cool thing about the place (you might make it out in the first pic). See what I mean about the "Melbourne feel"?? You wouldn't expect something cool like that in Syd but that would have been sooo normal if it was Melb!

Oh and because I've been to Redfern now I also know that the Eveleigh Markets are actually there and pretty close. Not in some obscure suburb named Eveleigh that I hadn't heard of LOL But I work on Sats so I can't visit the Eveligh Markets!! =[=[ 

EDIT: here's a link to a list of some of the best places for coffee in Syd compiled thru over 500 comments on SMH


Arwen from Hoglet K said...

Pesto eggs with mushroom and fetta sounds like a winner. I love the cute teddies with the cuppas too!

usyder said...

I wanna eat there again now, but always no one to eat with lol

your Omelette had olives i think

K said...

@ Arwen: mmmmm pesto eggs!! i like pesto anything hehehe

usydner: i'll eat with you! LOL and YES i completely forgot about the olives!!

Lorraine @NotQuiteNigella said...

Those plates look huge! I love the idea of ordering green eggs (and ham? :P)

K said...

@ Lorraine: hahaha yeah before i read the whole thing properly i thought it was green eggs and ham! that would have been even cooler! =P

JJ said...

Bobby's cafe is the bomb!!!! my brother used to live across the road from there and ended up inviting us all over there regularly from the inner west to join him there for lunch/bkfast/dinner you name it lol their pancakes are to die for and the coffee's are absolutely great too..the vibe is great there too, they have a guitar there that you can pick up and play! in fact I'm going there today ta ta!! :)

K said...

@ JJ: yeah i totally agree with you! Bobby's cafe is DA BOMB! haha i didn't know they have a guitar there but good to know! (not that i can play but still cool hehehe) hope you enjoyed your meal there =]