Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Sushi Tengoku, Kingsford

Sushi Tengoku
121 Anzac Parade
Kensington NSW 2033
Ph: 9663 3388

Okay, so when I was still a clueless first year who finished uni at 7/8pm I'd catch the bus with Cherry-chan. Everynight we'd go past Sushi Tengoku and most nights it stop near there waiting for the lights turned green. We'd see the bright blue shop, it's tacky interior and joke that all those crazy suckers were more like in sushi jikoku (sushi hell) rather than sushi tengoku (sushi heaven). We had no idea why it would be sooo packed every night because it whole appearance of that plce was THAT BAD.

But the amazing reviews of the place kept popping up on food blogs and my friends had heard some great reviews about the place too. Everyone we asked would rave about the GINORMOUS SUSHI. So oneday last year we decided to give it a go. Sadly we were ignorant of the fact that it was only open for dinner (we went during lunch time) so ended up here instead. 

Well this year we're clued-in second years so we set out prepared with the knowledge that it opened at 5pm and were the first customers there hehehehe

The first thing that hit us was the strong fishy smell of the place...it was a bit of a turn off but we eventually got used to the smell and things rolled smoothly from there. Since it was "sushi" tengoku of course we ordered the sushi. Plus I was fully cluedd-in about the size of the sushi so we kept things to a reasonable proportion =] 

The salson sushi came out first and immediate we were like WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA and as Nat put it, the sushi was "so big you could cry" hehehe

comparing the size of the salmon with my phone. Hehehe you can see that I was really impatient to try it. I had chopsticks in one hand, phone in the other =]

Next came the tuna & scallop sushi. You can see in the background I've still got part of the salmon sushi on my plate. I usually shove the whole sushi in my mouth but it was impossible with this one.  I doubt you'd get sashimi this big normally at other places. 

Hehehehheeeeee THREE SCALLOPS on one bit of rice. I'd seen pics of the 3 scallop sushi on foodblogs but it still didn't prepare me for the real thing. It was MUCH MORE EXCITING seeing the scallop mountain in real life! Now this wasn't the CRAZY thing.


The tuna sushi was basically a TUNA STEAK WRAPPED AROUND A BLOB OF RICE. The words "it's so big I could cry" kept coming out of nat's mouth that night LOL

Next came the unagi. This was massive too but not as shocking because you often see one massive unagi on a bed of rice. We were sooooooooooooooooooooo FULL after eating 5pc of sushi each but there was still one thing to come..


The two of us hadn't tried chawanmushi before and this probably wasn't the best way to experience it. There was a hair in there and it was so hot it burnt my tongue =[ Plus we were way too full so we only tried a bit of this before giving up. 

We were really really happy after this meal. We were grinning like little kids eating those massive sushi. Hehehe I guess big things will always have a novel value =] But will I go back there soon? I don't think so. I'm way too sushied-out!


Anonymous said...

Haha I still have to go again. Apparantly I went years ago but don't remember... such huge slices of salmon!

Anonymous said...

omg I want to go there!!
=.= i've been saying i'll go since last year =.= but I never ended up cos i never go near there.. I shall go when my car's fixed HAHAHA =) did u have to wait a long time for the table? since u said its always packd =="

K said...

@ FFichiban: hahaha yes you can't say you've been if you can't remember! LOL

@ G: can I come too? LOL we didn't need to wait because we were already there like 15min before it opened =P i think it gets packed around normal dinnering times (not 5pm when they just opened =P)

Anonymous said...

@K: not scared of my driving? HAHAHA i'll probably go on tuesday night next week if i get my car.. but it'l b like... 7pm?? cos i have work on tues.. damn tht's gna be packed then T__T" maybe need bookings hmm... or i might go in the holidays .. i dno... u can come if u want hahahhaa i'll tell u when i plan to go *v*

Lisa said...

WOAH.... that is mad! i want to go!
p.s. i forgot to ask you about yum cha. though tell me in person later.