Tuesday, March 31, 2009

85c, Kingsford

Okay, so it's news that there's an 85c near UNSW nor is it news that they sell bread there as well as cakes. But it was a really big thing for me to go aaaaalllllll the way there seeing as I NEVER go out of uni for lunch. I mean it might be a big thing for you commerce students because you guys have classes down there (lower campus) but we psyc students are always up here (upper campus) LOL We had to plan this trip a week ahead of time maaan....I mean, we had to walk aaallll the way to lower campus, down the mainwalk way, go OUTSIDE of uni and BEYOND! Plus we had to do it in one of our 2hr breaks so there was enough time to EAT the bread after going AAAALLL the way back to upper campus!

Anyway it was definitely worth all that effort! Just look at the beauties we got! LOL

I think these were called cheese bites?? They smelled sooooo FOUL! But it tasted REALLY GOOD! It smelled like a really smelly salty cheese but it was essentially just a very small cheesecake =]

Yep, it was definitely a cheesecake. Bite sized cheesecake...

Marble Taro

This was one MASSIVE bread. I usually need two breads to satisfy me but this one was so big I was full after only eat this alone. It was soft andd fluffy and there was a bit of flaky pastry in the outside. The bread was marbled w/ taro (hence the name...) but it was none of that in-your-face-artificial-colouring thing. The taro purple was more natural looking and there were also some grains in there. I highly recommend this one if you like taro breads but think other places put too much sugar and too much colouring.

Blueberry Cheese

This one was a bit disappointing. It was all puffy and all but the inside was HOLLOW so not very filling. The crunchy top was still gooooooood.

Premium Milk

This was a UBER MASSIVE thing bought for those that were left behind to share. The top and sides were crunchy and the inside was really soft. You could taste the milky-ness and it smelt really good too! HAHAHA A few of us had sort of finished more than half of this before the others even set eyes upon it LOL

Japanese Soft Bread (inside contains potato mash w/ sausage slivers)

This wasn't really "soft", mainly because I'd bought it for my next day's lunch so it spent a night in the fridge before being eaten. There was enough pepper in it to leave me with a firey mouth, something which I don't really expect when eating bread. It was still good but I still prefer the sweet breads.

Custard ___ I have COMPLETELY FORGOTTEN what this is called...
It got squashed in my bag hence the sad pic but it still tasted fine even though it too spent a night in my fridge. It was surprising how none of the custard had squirted out despite it being almost completely flat... I think sweet breads hold up better after being in the fridge so I liked this one better than the Japanese soft bread. 

Tiger Swiss Roll w/ Coffee

This was slighty dry but apart from that it was good. It even had walnuts in it which was a nice surprise =]

Luneburger converted me to a western bread thing for a while but sigh* in the end the Asian bakeries always win.


Anonymous said...

I came home one day and saw bread from 85c at home and i was like =OOOO , mum said she bought it at parra XD she bought those cheese thingo too!! they were yummy hahaha

I don't really like luneburger =.=" I bought some from the one at macquarie... first bite was nice and then after I finished the thing i felt abit sick T_T"

K said...

@ G: I think 85c > Luneburger. But I still think Luneburger is a way better alternative to Baker's Delight. It's also a welcome change if and I say IF I ever get sick of 85c LOL

Grace said...

haha that was good bun analysis

and eh, the UNSW 85c seems just like a breadtop! haha they must have analysed their target market n decided uni students eat more buns than cakes! the only thing I recognise are the mini-cheesecakes

K said...

@ Grace: they also have a large cake selection expect that its the same as all the other 85c so i didn't post about it =]