Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Cafe Andiamo, Melbourne

Cafe Andiamo
36 Degraves St
Melbourne VIC 3000

The day after the amazing meal at cafe no 5 we went back to Centre Place/Degraves St (they're practically the same place) and spent a good 10min deciding on which cafe we should try. We eventually settled on Andiamo because it wasn't squashy,dark,dirty or loud (all of which my mum hates!). 

The prices here weren't as cheap as they were at the day before but they were still cheaper than what you;d findd in Sydney. We got our usual hot beverages - me = chai latte, mum = cap.

Chai Latte

The usual sprinking of cinnamon on the top is absent (something I only just noticed when posting the pic up) but I vaguely remember seeing heaps of it at the bottom of my glass. This one was pretty sweet, perfect for those with a sweet tooth but I still had the memory of yesterday's chai latte so I thought that one was a bit too sweet...


Mum declared this one better than Sydney but it still lost to cafe no 5 LOL

Toast w/ Jam

Big Breakfast (includes THREE eggs, grilled tomato and mushrooms, a mountain of toast, a hash brown and bacon)

We opted to get one big breakfast and just the toast to share between the two of us. Even so, the two of us stuffed ourselves silly and were just plain glad we decided to share everything. I'm not really a bacon person but my mum says the bacon was pretty good, not tooooo salty. The eggs were set, not the runny type that I preferred with toast but ZI don't mind eggs that are just set either so everything was cool. The grilled tomato and mushrooms were my favourite part of the meal and the toast was actually really fresh damper bread smothered in yummy yummy butter hehehhe

This was a really really good meal and we both left as very happy (and full) chappies before wandering around to continue our exploration of melbourne =]

I forgot which laneway this was...but yeah you find the coolest things in the weirdest places in Melb.

And here's the popular shoes-haning-on-powerlines shot


Lisa said...

you know those shoes on the power lines- that's exactly how i wanted my room to look like, with my converse shoes hanging or something :(

that breakfast looks amazing! i haven't had bacon and eggs for a long time... miss it a lot :(

K said...

@ Lisa: you'd have to have a super high ceiling to fit power lines and hang shoes down in your room!

Bacon and eggs can be pretty healthy depending on the way you cook it right? GO FOR IT GIRL!