Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Gelato in Melbourne

Gelato in Melbourne is unofficially waaaaay better than it is in Sydney! Reasons?

1.It's everywhere

2.It's cheaper

3.There's more flavours to choose from

4. The smallest size there is TWO SCOOPS!

5. Each scoop is BIGGER than what they give you in Syd

Yep, Melbourne is the place to be for gelato =]

I can't profess to have had a lot of gelato in Melbourne, only enough to whet my appetite and feel like I didn't eat my worth of it because the only way I could have done that was by eating gelato for breakfast lunch and tea hehehehe

Here's a list of the places I did try:

Movenpick (yes, I know we have that in Syd too but I've never tried Movenpick before and we just happened to go past it =])


Trampoline (It's like an ice cream franchise that we don't have in Syd)

Timis Gelateria


The Movenpick one was disappointing. ONE SCOOP for $5!!! All the other places were under $5 for TWO SCOOPS and tasted way better. It didn't even look appealing so I won't bother with it. Sigh* I had great expectations for Movenpick =[


Panacotta & raspberry + Natural yoghurt

The Fritz Gelato one is BLISS! Fritz Gelato is AWARD WINNING ORGANIC gelato!! I tried the panacotta & raspberry flavour and the natural yoghurt one. Both were excellent, tasting fresh and like the real thing, you could really taste that there wasn't any artificial stuff in it =] The panacotta & raspberry one was sweet but not too sweet nor did it taste artifical. I thought the balance between the panacotta and the raspberry was excellent.

Click here to find out more about Fritz Gelato. I went to the one at the Prahran Markets and I must say, Melbourne does markets waaay better than Sydney. Everything is so orderly and civilised (and fairly clean) yet there's still the hustle and bustle you'd expect at the markets. Fritz Gelato also does organic doughnuts and coffee but I didn't get a chance to try those.


lemon, lime andd bitters (pink) & kiwi (yellow)

Trampoline had some really interesting flavours, for an example of their whacky flavours click here. I tried there lemon, lime and bitters one and kiwi. The lemon, lime and bitters was actually quite disappointing. It had the fizzy soft drink thing going but that was about it. It was sort of acidic in a bad way and tasted a bit like cheao lemonade...the kiwi one was okay but nothing spectacular. It just tasted like all the other kiwi flavoured icecream I'd tried before. Seriously...all the kiwi icecream I've had has all tasted the same... Despite what I say this was still waaay better than the Movenpick one and still pretty cool (mainly because we don't have it in Syd =P)


view of the Trampoline gelato store from the outside seating

Timis Gelateria was somewhere on Brunswick St. It saved my day coz I'd had a bad day that day. I wanted to go to this Bakery that was aparently really popular but the Bakery turned out to be a Bakery cafe and not a bakery bakery that my mum had in mind. She chucked a spazz and refused to eat there coz it was really crowded and complained about not being able to eat chinese food LOL I gave in and we looked around but there wasn't much to choose from. Eventually we settled on this Vietnamese place called VietRose and it was THE WORST meal we had in Melbourne. We wanted pho and we ordered the “Vietnamese rice noodles with beef” which came out as something completely different to what we had in mind. Rice noodles? Yep. Beef? Nup, they gave us pork. Was it Pho? Nup. It was what my mum called “sugary water with rice noodles and western veggies” and yep, that pretty much summed it up. Yep, and you know what? At the end of the meal I found an insect in mines T_T 

this is "two scoops" the top is vanilla, bottom is melon

Uhuh, that just killed our day. So anyway then we go past Timis and I get my mum to let me eat gelato =] She went along with me only because she wanted to drink soft drink ==” yep, my mum can be as childish as me sometimes hehehe I get her a fanta then she starts winging that it's in a can and not in those glass bottles like the counter display (I just rolled my eyes sigh*) I got vanilla flavour thinking my mum would like it but she didn't because I also got melon flavour and the scoop I gave her had a bit of both in it * rolls eyes again* LOL but I enjoyed the gelato and that’s all that mattered. =] Both were pretty decent but the vanilla one was the winner, made from real vanilla beans.

Well that's my gelato experiences in Melbourne. =] The closest thing in Sydney I've come across was the gelato at Bravo in Crows Nest. Got any cool gelato/ice cream haunts of your own? Please do share =]


Anonymous said...

Well done on having so much gelato hee hee Oh boo at Movenpick, I was expecting something awesome too :( but I guess I will still try their other stuff -___-
Hee hee you mother is funny :P and Rage at that viet place X|

Annie said...

In sydney you must try Gelatomassi in Newtown! they are they best!

K said...

@ FFichiban: I miss Melbourne's gelato!! =[

@ Annie: you know what? The first (and only) time I went to Newtown we were gonna try it but the electricity on that side of King st died so they CLOSED before I could try it! =[ I will definitely go back and try it tho =]

Anonymous said...

i feel like icecream SO BADLY NOW.

lets go to newtown together again :D


cyn said...

the one at newtown tastes just like any other gelatos to me...

K said...

@ Lisa: LOL I knew it was you just from the omgomgomg yumyumyum yummmmmmmmmmmmmmm thing! But yeah WE MUST GO TO NEWTOWN AGAIN!

@ Cyn: you have crap taste buds =P us supertasters (read about somatosensory perception) can taste a difference! Hehehe only joking, I'm quite confident that the Newtown one does taste quite good though, it's award winning man!! OMG I really wanna go and try it RIGHT NOW!