Sunday, March 8, 2009

Domed Cake

Here's my second attempt at felt cakes. Click here for my first attempt. I still can't get the blueberry perfect (yes, I know mines is purple...) but the rest was okay I think. I'm currently working on macaroons but despite how easy they might look I'm finding them harder than the more fancy cakes. I guess I won't be making an Ispahan anytime soon Chris. But you guys got any other suggestions?

The author of the book I'm working from actually has a whole site dedicated to felt cakes. There you can see the way more polished versions of the cakes I tried to make plus a lot more. My gaawd she's talented! With mines you can sooo tell they're fake but her's really do look real! MY GOAL: To be so pro at making felt cakes that people will be like woah is that real? LOL I also wish I could have enough to make a cake display too! Do you guys have/know about some cool hobbies? I would love to know about it!

EDIT: I've re-uploaded the pic to a bigger version so you can see it a bit more clearly! (09/03/09)


Anonymous said...

ahahahahaha jokes
but you're getting there! that is 10380238502398 times better than anything i could ever make with my hands... you saw me and that straw. i just can't make things :(

x lisa

Anonymous said...

ur making me want to make them too =O lOL

Anonymous said...

WOW, thats mad! Good job! =) very nice and yummy, looks edible!

Anonymous said...

ZOMG the cake is sooo cute!! its sparkly o(OwO)o . PLEASE MAKE ME ONE TOO!!

Lorraine @NotQuiteNigella said...

Cute! What do you do with them? Are they for display or are they functional too ie. a pin cushion?

cynthia said...

oh my!! they're so cute haha I want to make them too now!! Teach me please =D

Arwen from Hoglet K said...

Wow that's really cool. Did you get a kit/pattern for it? My sewing is far more pedestrian than this. At the moment I've got a book from the library on knitting for babies because my cousin is expecting. So far the needles and the book are sitting together waiting for me to start.

annnie said...

see how nice i am ... giving u many months to make one =D

K said...

@ Lisa: dude you barely tried! Next time I will force you to try harder! LOL

@ G: hehehe make make~ so fun =]

@Anonymous: thanks! hopefully they'll look as real as the authors after more experience =]

@ Anonymous: hehehe I'm up for suggestions and I'll post them up once I've finished them

@ Lorraine: they are only for display at the moment (I thought of making a little jewellery container or something but it's very hard!) Although I am using the first macaroon I made as a pin cushion! It didn't turn out very nice so yeah, I might as well stick pins in it!

@ Cynthia: LOL does this bring back memories of high school textiles? those were the days man.......

@ Arwen: CONGRATS ABOUT YOUR COUSIN! It would be soooo cool if I knew someone expecting! I wanna make them finger puppets andd everything! LOL But yeah I actually bought the book so it has all the patterns and I just buy all the felt and stuff separately. I must say it's sorta hard finding the exact shades of colour of felt and the other materials they recommend in the book. I'm also a bit stingy on the fabric so I'm just making d with what I have LOL

@ Annie: LOL It's a shame I prob won't even be able to see you around your bday. It's like approaching finals by then right? LOL

Anonymous said...

Hee hee they are cute and look so soft and fluffy... Mmm can you make me a big one so I can use as a pillow? But I fear I may end up chewing on it in my sleep haha