Sunday, March 22, 2009

Lüneburger German Bakery, QVB

Move over asian bakeries, I've got a new lunch staple now! Okay, so the asian breads as my lunch staple is a slight exaggeration but they have always been a cheap, yummy and fast option for me. I barely get sick of eating asian breads, growing up with the pineapple bun and sausage bun. But there do come times when one yearns for a little variety - something different from the usual. 

So I've walked past this place a gazillion times in QVB, often getting distracted by the heady freshly-baked-bread aromas, but it had never occured to me to actually buy anything from there. I never gave it a second glance, assuming that it was like a Bakers Delight alternative or something. But one random night, trying to google some eclectic places in Sydney (have you noticed that everything is described as "eclectic" lately??) and I have no idea how but I stumbled across a review for Luneburger. With my interest caught, I made sure I left home earlier the next day so as to buy some bread for my day's lunch!

Sweet Cheese Pocket

Sweet Cheese Pocket Innards

I endd up buying a sweet cheese pocket and a spinach and cheese strudel, costing $7.50 in total. Yes, they are a bit expensive in comparison to Asian bakeries but I'd rather Luneburger than Bakers delight. The sweet cheese pocket was a delight. It tasted like a mascarpone-y sort of thing but the website tells me it's quark - a fresh cheese of Central European origin, usually translated into curd cheese and has a lower fat content than cream cheeses (THANKS WIKI!) It was interesting because I could still slighty taste some sort of salty cheese in there but it didn't detract from the taste at all. Looking at that innards shot makes me wanna eat it RIGHT NOW. 

Spinach and cheese strudel

I got this one simply because it has the word strudel in it =] This too lived up to my expectations and the whole time I was eating it I was trying to imagine how it would have been even greater if I was eating one that was fresh out of the oven. *DROOOOOLS* Even after so long this smelled great, with its savoury scent wafting out everytime I opened by bag LOL

I was in a rush to catch the bus when I took this innards shot so it's a bit blurry (walking while eating, then trying to take a pic). This doesn't look as fantastic as the sweet cheese pocket innards shot and I do think that a more substantial amount of spinach and cheese would have been even better. 

Yep, I think I'll be going through a Luneburger phase for the next couple of weeks =]

Luneburger German Bakery
Shop 72 Lower Ground
455 George St
Sydney NSW 2000


Lisa said...

THIS PLACE IS AWESOME! I used to go all the time when I didn't know I was lactose intolerant. Every time you walk past it, it smells sensational. Glad you like the place :) :) :)

K said...

@ Lisa: YES! I absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE this place at the moment!

cyn said...

this place makes me drool every time i walk past it.
I have yet to try the non-savoury stuff though

Trisha said...

Oh that Luneburger bakery is torture! I walk past it every morning and the smell of freshly baked bread and brewed coffee is enough to make me die and go to food heaven!! Alas, I can only smell but not taste (budgeting, late for work, etc etc).

Lovely food blog btw! :)

K said...

@ Cyn: =o that's shocking! if it was me i'd definitely try the sweet stuff first! HAHAHHA okay that's just me!

@ Trisha: you MUST try it one day when you're not budgeting/late for work! LOL thanks for commenting!