Friday, February 6, 2009

Champagne High Tea, Shangri-La Lobby Lounge

I was planning to go with friends using the we love sydney card but OMG i saw the pics on NQN and i COULD NOT WAIT so i went with my mum today ahahahha yep me and my mum luuurve eating =]

I must agree with NQN that the service was baaad (at first, it improves later =]). It takes them aaages to bring us the champagne and then another aaaage for tea and then they tell us the kitchen's really busy so our sandwiches willl take another 5min....the 5min turns into 30min-1hr..i forget how long...but then the waitress comes and appologises about the sandwiches and to compensate for this our afternoon tea would be ON THE HOUSE! WOOOHOOOOO!

Not long after she says this tiers of food are brought down from the elevators?!?! and we're served with a tier of stuff. I WAS EXPECTING A BUFFET LIKE SEEN ON NQN!!! =[ =[ AAAAAND there was NO MACARONS!!! THE MENU SAID MACARONS!! Yeah i was REALLY disappointed!! The table behind us complained that what was served was heaps different to what was written on the menu and the kind waitress said she'd get them some additional stuff. A waiter arrived with HEAPS of additional stuff...brownies, tarts etc but the silly people said it wasn't theirs, I was thinking GIVE IT TO MEEEEE!!! hahahaha maybe i should have complained to them too =[=[

What we survived on for about 2hrs

As you can see there's only the basics and NO CAKES AT ALL. The strawberries were horrid to look at andd attracting fruit flies and the scones were just-out-of-the-fridge-cold. The other stuff? We couldn't finish any of it. Let's just say they just didn't suit our tastebuds. NO COLOUR AT ALL. PLAIN DISAPPOINTMENT!

sandwiches that came out AFTER the sweet stuff

We only soften up because the waitress was really appologetic about it and it was really evident that they were overworked and understaffed....

It sorta looks like it was nice when you look at the table as a whole.....

Yeah, Shangri-La is an uber disappointment to me now... The only good thing about it was that it was on the house...but i'm still not happy that there was NOT A SINGLE CAKE IN SIGHT! My mum still tipped them though cause we felt bad not paying for any of it...

Maybe we just chose a bad day to go? 

***there's still more we love sydney food posts coming...but maybe not soon...***
P.S. The other we love sydney posts were definitely not this disappointing


Lorraine @NotQuiteNigella said...

Oh wow, that's a huge disappointment! I can't believe that they'd give you that selection and be done with it when it's so obviously different from what was written on the menu. I wonder what happened with the buffet? I guess it's good that it was on the house but still, it's so strange at how different it was :(

Anonymous said...

Horrible!! I miss my ANA :S at least it was on the house but should ahve complained and got the cakes and brownies!

Karen said...

Wow and I thought our experience was disappointing! But yours is just plain bad! I can't imagine how they would think they can get away without serving cakes and macarons and those sandwiches weren't much of an improvement from ours too! I wonder why they didn't do the buffet? *shakes head*

chocolatesuze said...

oh no how sad! no cakeage! maybe they lost money when they did it buffet style?

K said...

@ Lorraine: Yes it's an ENORMOUS disappointment!! I'm still not over it yet...I've been complaining to aaaaall my friends! lol

FFichiban: yeah when I look back I should have complained even if it was on the house!!

Karen: Yes, I can't believe that's what they serve for a $45pp high tea!

Chocolatesuze: I can understand if they resorted to tiers if they were losing money doing buffet but they should at least serve food that was worth $45!

Ok, I'm SO NOT OVER THIS YET! Even if most the customers there were using the we love sydney card and eating for half price they can't just lower the standards by THAT MUCH can they?? If it wasn't for the sandwiches we would have had to pay FORTY FIVE DOLLARS for that and I would definitely have been an even more unhappy chappy!! I feel sorry for those people that day who had to PAY for that food!