Saturday, February 7, 2009


on my third last day in hk, a fd of my sis took me to some swiss restaurant for dinner... and we had cheese fondue! in the beginning we were planning to order a one person cheese fondue and then a one person chocolate fondue for dsessert.. and it turned out to be that for dessert you must order one per person .. and it was impossible for us to finish two chocolate fondue HAHA so we had a salad with a cheese fondue.. (so sad, I had icecream fondue, cheese fondue but just not chocolate! =0=")

I must say, the cheese fondue didn't taste as nice as I expected when I dipped the bread in... it was filled with alcohol =.=' like way too much.. lol but when I dipped it with the beef, it tasted way nicer hahaha maybe cos the bread didn't have much taste, so it made the alcohol seemed too strong.. it was perfect with the beef =D

sorry for the crappy photography, the photos turned out really dark even though I tried making it brighter >< it's so hard to take photos in dark restaurants, but it was really nice inside! and it was so cool when I went in because everyone spoke english, lol! so my english finally came into some use in hk *v*

so this is my last post on food from hk, seems so less =='' I want to go out to eat more in sydney but ever since I came back all I've been doing was work, work and more work... hopefully I can go out more when I have less shifts after next week.. sigh*

theres still something that I really wanted to go eat but I didn't end up... BUFFET!!! ><' when I called them, the earlist available time was like... after I leave... so it was very disappointing =( I actually wanted to book it for christmas but it was impossible, so I tried booking it for birthday and there were no tables at all.. sigh* must book 6weeks in advance next time I go! hahaha

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Treasures By Brenda said...

That is too bad about the chocolate fondue! You'll have to try your own. We were surprised to find out how easy a fondue is and I created a page about it at The Best-Ever Chocolate Fondue Recipe.