Thursday, February 5, 2009

Cafe Mix, Shangri-La

I read a while ago on herecomesthefood about the we love sydney offer and I immediately told everyone about it andd it was not long until we went too hehehhe

I must admit if it wasn't half price it would have sooo been a rip off!! The quality of the food has also dropped alot since the last time I went (approx 1-2yrs ago). Despite saying this I went twice - once with my mum, second time in a big group (and staying until we got kicked out at closing time!)

i didn't take that many pics but here's what i've got (i took some pics from your facebook miss nerd!!):

the famous entrance =]



D.I.Y ceasar salad & pasta salad
hahaha the frist time i went i didn't know you were supposed to mix your salad in the big bowl thing there so i just dumped dressing on my greens and walked back to my table 

HUUUUUGE fish eye!!!! (hahaha i <3>

assorted =]

and here's the desserts:


I have to say the desserts weren't anything flash....i think the nicest thing was the chocolate fondue & fresh fruit!! AND THERE WAS NO CREME BRULEE ON BOTH OCCASIONS!!!! What's a hotel buffet without creme brulee!??!?!?!

I suggest if you want to go try to buffet here go before the we love sydney offer finishes as it's really not worth it otherwise.

Cafe Mix
Level 1
Shangri-La Hotel
176 Cumberland St
The Rocks, Sydney
Tel: (02) 9250 6206


FFichiban said...

Haha yeahh go the We Love Sydney card ^^! and mass up the seafood and dessert mmmm

K said...

@ FFichiban:

yeah that's the only place you can try and get your moneys worth =]