Friday, January 30, 2009


Went to this japanese restaurant for new years =)
was pretty nice haha and pretty expensive o.o'' think it was near 100aud for two people =S

salad ~

soft shell crab roll

super soft beef

with gigantic bowl of rice.. ahhahaa not.. =.='' just camera angle..

and the best apple sorbet~

<333~~~~~~ I want another one~~

and we also went to this very... weird viet place.. o.o
looked very nice on the outside but the food was... =.='' can't finish anything at all..

called ricepaper

soup =S that was supposed to be sour LOL!

this soft shell crab roll was nothing compared to the jap one =.=''

and some horrible salad =.='' no one finished anything, and I just went and bought haagen dazs icecream afterwards ~~~~

and random food



k buffet o.o'' not very nice looking =.='

and THREE cakes from my birthday

and the yummiest icecream cake~~~~~~~~~~~and ITS PINK! =D

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