Monday, February 2, 2009


I really can't be bothered explaining what each tasted like anymore but it as definitely the freshest sashimi meal I had in my life LOL~~ the sea urchin was sooo yummy, and the hokkaido scallops tasted so different compared to the ones in sydney, it was more chewy unlike the ones in sydney which are very soft, and I had some.. fish liver which tasted fresh but the texture was abit funny... LOL! I want to go there again, this is located in tst, but I don't know the address =.='' I only know how to get there

I will be back *v* when I'm richer...

that was one of the most expensive meal I had in hk.... costed near 400AUD...

makes me wanna go tetsuya this year... *nudge nudge K* hahaha~

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