Friday, January 30, 2009


now up to hk small eats, LOL

HK style cafes~~

milk tea x coffee

hk style toast =D so yummy~~~~

dumplings with noodles

and then theres also a place that sells chinese desserts, even though I think I mentioned before I'm not a chinese dessert person, I still went there cos they were yummy =D

this was papaya + suet yi (I really have no idea what it is in english, if someone knows please leave a comment =.='')

so squishyy~~

and eggballs (they call it egg balls in english o.o - I saw it on the sign)

please focus ur attention to top right corner and not the square sign that says ''medicine'' LOL!

they were soooo crunchy! this one was on nathan road, there was one on granville road that was very crunchy too, note that not all places make yummy ''egg balls'' LOL!

and takoyaki!

nothing special, as nice as the colotako in sydney~~

this is... chicken's soft bones???? .. grilling... haha very yummy, I prefer these than fishballs if I go buy food on the streets ^^


K said...

duuuuuuuuuude suet yi is just white fungus!! *rolls eyes* LOL and i'm still too busy to make any posts so this is your chance to make up for your inactiveness since we started this blog LOL my turn to be inactive =P

Anonymous said...

ok >.>'' AHHAHAHHAA white fungus then.. =0= how am i supposed to know ~ =P MUAHHAHA