Friday, January 30, 2009


more food~~

Hot pot at some chinese restaurant =D

we ordered way too much food for only three people =\ but it was yummy =D

and watermelon juice =D

and then I don't really remember what this place was but the food were pretty normal.. nothing special..




some pork and rice =S it looked nothing like the photo in the menu.. the pic was like SOOO yummy looking and when it came I was like o.o''

eel + tofu

this was some bread, tasted nice ^^, u dip it in condensed milk LOL

I also went to ajisen a few times hahaha

they have more food than sydney's one XD

interesting sausages =S

scallops with mushrooms

ramen, I don't remember what this was, but it was like the normal ones you eat at ajisen =.='' how do I describe it... hmm... not much difference from sydney's?

ajisen fried rice

I went to a jap rest that is supposed to specialise in japanese curries, but when I went inside... half the food weren't even curry.. =.=

the shop name lied to us! =0=''

some beef curry ramen.. =S not much curry taste?

udon.. =S

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