Thursday, January 29, 2009


okay, here's part II =)
just random food =)

Haagen dazs Icecreams!! =D

strawberry with baileys

wild berries with I forgot what T.T"

mango with some berries one...

BUT THEY WERE SOOOOO YUMMY =DDD and 50something hkd each .. around 10bucks? ^^ but it's worth it ^^

this was from another place called pappagallo =) pistachio ^^ still nice XD

next we have~~~~~~~

this was diagonally opposite times square at causeway bay if anyone happens to go hk ahahah I still haven't tried all the flavors yet! ><" but so far I like the italian one ^^

very.. cute LOL and burnt looking =S

and this was some random thing my sis bought: tofu - flower , (what is it called in english?? =S it's tofu but a chinese dessert thing) sigh* my poor english =.=''

I went to supermarket one day and spotted this
my first reaction was.. waa cool! triangular watermelon!

and look up abit... ''wth... $2888"
that is near $500AUD! =O

and found really yummy looking apples

this was $398hkd. =.='' like 80bucks? ...
it looks... hmm.. really nice tho... LOL! too exp T.T can't afford an apples like those.. LOL

this was better..=.= $120 for 2, hahhaha
when I came back to sydney I told my mum about the apples and how I was looking for crunchy apples to buy and shes like.. these jap apples aren't nice =.='', then I must say... hong kong apples sucks.. LOL!

and I found the best section in the whole super market *v*

omg look at the dreyer's and haagen dazs~~~~ drools*
dreyer's toasted almond icecream is the best XD

okay this entry is pretty long, leave it to part III =D

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Anonymous said...

Hee hee that triangular watermelon is so cool! Mmmm so much ice creamm ^^! I like!