Thursday, January 29, 2009


G is back in sydney!! and is finally bothered to organise her food pics abit and do a big big update here.. hahaha I'm not going to say much.. because it's so hard to try recall what the food was like a month ago =( I apologise for my laziness in hk . LOL... and K.. you should've made some posts while I was in hk!! ><' I'll just post up something I ate alot in hk.. pizza huts.. so different from sydney's one =) it was so convenient to order delivery for dinner when I didn't feel like going outside LOL but I didn't take pics of the delivery ones.. hahaha =)
out of so many times, I only ate pizza ONCE lol, and I don't remember what this was called =.= cos it was so long ago =(


drinks... I ordered some mango ice thing once and it was yum XD

the best spaghetti at pizza huts in hk =D I ate this I don't know how many times LOL! seafood fettuccine


and soup again! I liked this one more.. hahhaa cos it had that top part (I suddenly forgot what it was called in english... =S.. I spoke so much cantonese in hk I think my english has became worse...)

another spag =)

so that was all the pizza hut pics I took (but I definitely ate more than that LOL!)

now to other food....
I went to Mos Burger and tried out the Cheese Mos Burger LOL! not bad XD but I like the hokkaido fish one more (maybe cos I like fish more than other meat kinda stuff)

and some more food from spaghetti house, and I didn't eat the cheese fondue! but I ate cheese fondue at some really cool swiss restaurant! hahaha I'll post that in some later post, ^^

The salad at spaghetti house was better than pizza huts, but then I still like the seafood fettuccine compared to other spags XD ahhaha

ok so that was most of the ''fast foods'' hahaha I'll post more later... too much food I need to separate my entries into parts* LOL! hahaha now I need to go eat my dinner! =)

more coming soon! (hopefully tonight) =)

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