Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Ton Ton, Regent Place

K.G are absolute pathetic!! I applogise for our pathetic-ness. I know we've both taken food pics but neither of us are bothered posting *blushes* Just for the sake of updating I'll post this now but I really must say I didn't do Ton Ton any justice at all with the lame and general stuff I said. But trust me when I say the ramen here was REALLY YUMMY!! 

Ton Ton Regent
Ground Floor 
501 George St
Sydney 2000
Tel 9267 1313 

Anime toys display

It is not long after my healthy alternative to icecream before my stomach starts protesting again and so I find myeslf at Ton Ton for an early dinner. I've heard great things about Ton Ton up at Chifley but that's out of my way so I've never actually been. It's like a dream come true when Regent Place opened up a Ton Ton AND Azuma toooo!! (not that I could afford to go =[ )

Tanuki Udon 

Curry Udon 

Ton Ton Ramen 

There was nothing to complain about at all! It was without a doubt one of the yummiest ramens I've had. Simple and reasonably priced, Ton Ton is definitely the way to go for if you want real Japanese style ramen in Sydney. 

HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE!! (hahaha yes it's a bit late ><)

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