Saturday, December 27, 2008

Bravo Trattoria, Crows Nest

Hi Guys!
Hope everyone had an awesome Chrsitmas!! I spent mines in Hunter Valley with my parents - best Christmas I've had so far!! I didn't eat any fantastic there though. My parents aren't really the fine dining type so we just had the most basic snaggs on the barbie for Christmas (still had heaps of fun!)

I've been getting really behind on my blogging lately and I'm sorry to say I think the sluggish-ness will continue. I blame it on the weather! LOL I can't belive it was onlly last week when I went to Bravo Trattoria with Leesa! It feels like it was aaages ago. 

Bravo Trattoria is very close to where Leesa lives. She tells me Bravo Trattoria is very well known amongst locals and after this visit I can see why. There's a really friendly atmosphere and the staff are really nice (especially the guy behind the gelato counter! He would not stop recommending some flavour of gelato, the name of which escapes me)

We are quickly seated at a table by the painted wall (pictured above) and presented with a menu. We choose our mains from the list of Bravo specials but they also have a create your own pasta menu which can make up over 100 different pasta dishes (i will definintely go back and try some!)

Entree - Bruschetta $7.00

Spaghetti ai Gamberi (spaghetti w/ king prawns, tomato chili and garlic) $24.90

Involtini di Vitello (rolled tender veal fillet w/ prosciutto crudo in a white wine and sage sauce w/ fresh tomato and mushrooms)   $24.90 

We shared the entree and two mains and I think that was a good decision because each dish was quite large and although everything we ordered was nice, I would have gotten sick of having so much of one particular dish. The food was really good and the flavours of each dish really stood out from the others. I loved this meal but all these intense flavours were a bit too much for me (my poor asian tastebuds are more suited to mildly flavoured food =]) so of course I had to clean my palate with a bit of gelato hehehehe

White nectarine gelato

Bravo is also famous for its gelato and Leesa tells me it's so good that they even stock it in local supermarkets!! There is a huge variety of flavours from your common tiramisu to taro and of course the yummy white nectarine flavour I had! You can see the specks of fruit and you can really taste the real fruit! This is very refreshing and I regret that my tummy cannot fit in another scoop. If I lived close by I'm definite that I'd probably have tried all the flavours they offer within a month! Leesa had the blueberry yoghurt gelato and that was sooooo yummy aswell!! I'm quite tempted to just get up now and go get some of their gelato! It's reaaaalllly nice!! I would definitely go back for the food but even without the amazing food, the gelato is a sure winner. 

Bravo Trattoria
6-8 Falcon St
Crows Nest NSW 2065
Tel: (02) 9906 6630


Anonymous said...

OOohh Long time no visit Bravo for me but it is a good place for a post-dinner gelato :)

K said...


yeah i can't stop thinking about the gelato!!

Leesa said...

Mmmmm :) that meal was soooo good. And oh god, that photo. THAT photo which made me want to die in shame. Har har har har har! Yum come back here so we can go again! And you can try more flavours of gelato :)

K said...

@ Leesa:
yepyep that was a lot of fun! and THANKS HEAPS for taking the pic! LOL YOU ROCK!

Anonymous said...

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billy said...

That place is very down to earth with decent meal, used to be one of my regular place for meal when I lived in Wollstonecraft. I am sure you guys heard about the boss being murdered at the back lane by one of his employee right? Hope there is no suspicious substance on the plate except pasta. :) Just in case... :P

K said...

@ Billy:
LOL! yes my friend told me about the did put me off a bit at first just the food was the redeeming feature (as it should be =]) it was all cool hehehhe