Wednesday, December 10, 2008

mushroom & tomato pizza

Okay. so I'm going through a cooking phase lately... I'm getting sick of going out, eating out, spending money, compaining I spent too much money and then going out again LOL I know I'm not the greateset cook, nor are my creations that fantastic in terms of presentation but I really like cooking (but not the washing up) so I want to share what I've made with everyone ^^

Why pizza all of a sudden? 

Hahahaha well it was just because my dry yeast and flour were gonna expire in another month's time so I thought I'd make use of it...But still that doesn't answer the question of "why pizza?" does it...LOL well there's a recipe on the flour box on how to make pizza dough so THAT'S why I suddenly decided to make pizza hehehhe I actually read both the instructions on the flour box AND the recipe from here. I mainly followed the website recipe but changed a few things here and there (I only used the recipes to make the pizza dough)... 

Chnages I made to the website recipe:
* I mixed the dry yeast with warm water before adding it to the flour [not because I knew that it made a difference to add it dry or wet to the flour (if there is a difference...), I simply did it because I like mixing dry yeast with water and inhaling the yeasty smell =P)
*I let the dough rise until it doubled in size before rolling it out (the recipe on the flour box said to let it rise and and I like waiting for dough to rise too hehehhe)
*for the sauce I couldnt be bothered to make my own (but I promise I will next time) so i just mixed tomato sauce and tomato paste
*for the toppings i used tomatoes and mushrooms because that's what we had in the fridge...
*i don't have a pizza tray so I just left them free-shaped

first pizza
(I was too eager to taste it so I didn't let it bake until the cheese went golden)

It was really nice and fresh (I was surprised the pizza base was so nice because it's my first time making pizza dough), the tomatoes and mushrooms were still juicy coz I didn't bake it for long. The base was only the slilghtest bit crispy which was fine for me coz I hate it when crispy stuff scrapes the inside of my mouth.

second pizza

This one I let bake until the cheese went a golden colour. You probably noticed that the edges are folded in...hehhe it was too big for my tray and I didnt want to cut it off or anything so I just folded it in (still turned out fine). This one was very crispy and the tomatoes and mushrooms were more dried out so this pizza is definitely more pizza-like. I liked both of the pizzas equally (most probably because I made them myself rather than any other reason!)

The pizza dough wasn't at all hard to make and it was really fun too ^^ I think I'll be making more pizzas from now on! It's way more exciting and healthy than ordering pizza hut all the time!


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