Saturday, November 1, 2008

St James Hotel, St James

So me and my mum have this thing where we eat out when we're tired. She'd heard me say the cheap steaks at St James Hotel were nice so we went there tonight together.

250g Certified Agnus Rump Steak $10.95
So this time my mum got the cheap steak with mash. It looked really dodgy this time...the whole thing looked like it was tired and falling down, if you get what i mean LOL According to my mum it didnt taste that great either. I had a bite and I agree this time round the steak wasn't that good. 

Risotto of the Day (sundried tomato and chicken risotto) $11.95

I wanted to try something different tonight so i got the risotto of the day. This was very creamy and the taste not too heavy. There was a generous portion of sundried tomatoes and chicken were mixed in the risotto but not so much as to make me sick of it. The portion wasn't that big but the dish was really creamy, weighing heavily in my already overloaded tummy, leaving me to look sadly and the leftovers i couldn't finish. 

Thick cut fries

My mum got fries afterwards coz she wasn't satisfied with the steak. They were actually ok despit their dismal appearance. 

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