Saturday, November 1, 2008

Lindt Chocolat Cafe, Martin Place

53 Martin Place
(Crn Philip St), Sydney 
tel (02) 8257 1600

We're supposedly at the state library studying....we try to cram in all the info the lecturers think we should know with the limited memory capacity we think we have...let me just add that all this info is going into our semantic memories which are explicitly recalled =P

so aaaanywayss, w're studying very hard...and just miraculously we find ourselves at Lindt...

Dark hot chocolate w/ soy milk

This is perfect for the lactose intolerant because dark chocolate doesn't contain milk plus we substituted the milk with soy =] 

Smoked salmon, cumcumber and goats curd tramezzini (toasted) $11.50

This was very yummy and the bread was really soft and fresh. The only bad thing was that it was a very light lunch and i was waaaay hungry after aaaaallll that study LOL

Chicken sanger?!?! $11.50

L got a chicken sandwich..i can't remember what they called it LOL anyways that was very good according to L and unlike mines, hers was very filling. Since I was still quite hungry i ended up getting more food......which was a bad idea coz i really can't fit into my jeans anymore ==

Chocolate and hazelnut gateux $11.00

This was soooo nice! It wasn't too sweet so you could really taste the layers upon layers of hazelnutty goodness. Anywho~ i'll juyst leave it at that. We ate loads more stuff during our week of cramming but i didnt take any pics of it and if you knew what and how much i ate you'd all be horrified....happy examing people~  

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